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With one search, you can comb more than 650 million criminal records from counties, department of corrections (DOC), administrative office of courts (AOC), and offender registries from all 50 states, plus Washington DC, Guam, and Puerto Rico. Also included are national and international terrorism sources and more than 10 million photos. A US OneSEARCH check provides the data you want, the quality you demand and the updates that ensure you get the best possible information.

Choose your scope

Instead of ordering a US OneSEARCH check that searches for records across all 50 states, plus Washington DC, Guam, and Puerto Rico, you can restrict the search to a single state. And if you only want to search a part of the United States, we offer regionalized OneSEARCH packages. You get the same quality data from counties, states and offender registries, but can custom design your search to include up to 5 states.

Turnaround time offers you one of the largest criminal conviction databases in the industry. The results are returned instantly, unless the order contains a request to verify matching records with the source, before reporting them.

What may be reported on a US OneSEARCH criminal record search of our database?

  • Jurisdiction where record is located
  • Case number
  • Defendant
  • Charge
  • Filing date
  • Degree of offense, like misdemeanor
  • Disposition
  • Disposition date
  • Sentence

Verification requirements

Because California, Connecticut, Maine, Minnesota and Indiana currently require us to verify criminal matches found during our instant search directly at the source before reporting them, we are prevented from providing criminal records instantly in these five states. Read more about our US OneVERIFY check.

Do take into account that while our goal is to update our instant database with new counties and new county records regularly, it is possible that a traditional on-premise court house search would provide more up-to-date information and could, for example, show that a criminal record with a pending case status in our instant data base has been recently dismissed.


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US OneSEARCH$25.95
Instant search for primary name
Check of sex offender registries
Search of national security sources, including terrorist watch list of the US Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC)
Instant search for alias names (can include maiden names)
Social security number (SSN) validation
SSN check against the Social Security Administration’s death master index
Address History
Local county court search

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Your alternatives at a glance:

Which is right for your needs? Both searches comb through our proprietary national criminal database. The database contains over 650 million criminal records from a broad list of sources, including these:

  • County court records
  • State repositories Department of Corrections (DOC)
  • Administrative Office of Courts (AOC)
  • State offender registries including sex offenses
  • Government and terrorist watch and exclusion lists and more.

More information with more data

The US AliasSEARCH is more comprehensive because it combines the US OneSEARCH with alias names sourced from a trace of social security number.

So the instant US AliasSEARCH requires a social security number.

This additional information enables a more thorough and in-depth search of your subject.

Us OneSEARCH only requires the subjects full name, address, and DOB.


Common questions about US OneSEARCH

Are instant criminal searches accurate and thorough?

An instant criminal search is only as accurate as the state, local or federal agency reporting the data. We have limited control in their update frequency as it is set by and varies by each data source’ this ranges from as frequently as daily to semi-annually. For a source specific update frequency we recommend you explore our interactive coverage map, which lists the update frequency in the source descriptions.

With that said, data strength is one of many aspects that sets us apart from our competitors and we go to great lengths to acquire and maintain our data and pride ourselves on typically updating our database with new records within five days of receipt. Moreover, criminal records and subject demographics will vary based on the data source. For instance, some data sources provide full dates of birth while others may only provide year of birth or none at all. Information associated with criminal records also varies such as: plea, disposition, degree of offense, etc… In some cases the data source provides obscure or very few details about the record.

How big is your database?

Our US OneSEARCH database currently contains over 650 million criminal records derived from a comprehensive list of sources.

Does no records found mean that my subject does not have crimes on their record?

There are several reasons why 0 records might be found in a database search.

  • You entered incorrect information like a misspelled first or last name and/or the incorrect date of birth.
  • You entered a hyphenated name, middle initial in the first name box, a suffix such as JR, SR II, III, IV at the end of the last name or a special character in the first or last name box.
  • The search was conducted by name and date of birth; but available public records do not associate this name and/or date of birth with the record.
  • The subject searched is a minor and we do not search juvenile records.
  • You entered a hyphenated name. Our database does not provide results for hyphenated names, therefore, you must enter the last name with a space rather than a hyphen (-) or you may use the last part of the hyphenated name for the best results. Do not add any generations such as Jr. Sr. II or III.
  • You entered two first names. We are referring to names like Bobbie Sue, Amy Lynn and Billie Joe - please do not use them. Use only the first part of the two-part name as any extension of the name will be reported. Example, if you are searching Amy Lynn - Just use Amy and if there is a match with Amy Lynn it will come back.
  • You entered a nickname. Court records use the subject's full legal name, not nicknames.
  • You entered a middle name as a first name. Court records use the subject's first name, not a middle name that the subject goes by.
  • The record you might have expected to find is not within the agreed available covered jurisdictions., like all criminal record database search companies, offers limited criminal record coverage, and most likely the known record is not within our coverage acknowledged in our terms and conditions. The fact is, not all county, or municipal courts nationally will share their information with third party companies or do not have the records indexed in a searchable format. For an upfront understanding of our state and county coverage, visit our interactive coverage map.
  • The record you might have expected to find is expunged or sealed by court order.
Do your reports provide date of birth and social security number information?

No, social security number information is private and is not publically available. However, date of birth information is commonly found in public records. Many of our criminal record data sources include date of birth in the information they provide.

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