Background Check API Integration

Our multi-jurisdictional criminal database searches form the core of our offering

With well over 1,000+ sources and 650 million criminal records, our database offers you the best coverage in the the industry*. Other firms might give you information that is a mile deep but only an inch wide when you order a background check. However, at our cost effective database search options offer your organization the best way to instantly expand your coverage with a better chance of finding more criminal record information on your subject.

The accuracy of database searches is heavily reliant on the refresh rate of the data sources that we acquire. When we receive an update file from one of our sources, we make sure that the new records are searchable within days not weeks or months. Our partners and resellers can be confident that, unlike other methods of searching criminal data, the information returned is not stagnant and out of date.

Even with the most extensive record set available, any search is only as strong as the query search logic tied to the data.'s search logic employs algorithms that are a key advantage which is proven in side-by-side comparisons against competing database searches.

Our core criminal database search products

With a full name and date of birth there are in principle three ways to search our criminal database. You can order such searches with a national scope searching all jurisdictions that we cover in our database or specify a search for a single or multiple states. A maximum of 18 states can be selected. With a maximum of eighteen states, the Multi-State option can facilitate regional searching within one of the four defined regions of the country.


A search of our proprietary criminal database that contains over 650 million criminal records from a long and growing list of over 1,000 sources.

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US OneVerify utilizes our US OneSearch technology and verifies criminal matches directly at the source before reporting them, ensuring maximum risk protection and greater accuracy.

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A search of our database for the primary and other names (such as maiden names, previously married names, middle names used as first names, nicknames and aliases) found in a name and address history.

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Specific sources and add-ons

Some times you are only interested in a particular type of crime and for that reason we enable two segmented searches of our criminal database.

US Offender OneSEARCH

will search our national records, a specific state’s repository and available tribal registries in that state, based on the applicant’s name and date of birth. We have access to the best SOR data in the industry, with information from sources in all 50 states, plus Washington DC, Guam, and Puerto Rico, with photos in all.

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National Security OneSEARCH

Our National Security OneSEARCH provides an instant database search of dozens of National and International lists, including key sources such as the Office of the Inspector General Health and Human Services Exclusions List, Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) Specially Designated Nationals List, Interpol Fugitives List, FBI Most Wanted List, FDA’s Debarment List, OIG’s Exclusion List, OCC’s Enforcement Actions List, GSA’s Excluded Parties List.

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Ongoing Criminal Monitoring

With this option, we will screen subjects every thirty days against our instant criminal conviction database to find new records and alert you when we find them. This service can only be performed on current employees who have been previously screened through a US OneSEARCH or US AliasSEARCH. This alert logic can immediately be ordered in conjunction with a new order or added to a previously ordered report

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We also offer direct searches at specific courthouses

Using the same API set, you can integrate both our instant criminal database search products as well as the most common traditional direct court house searches.


County-level criminal record checks

To ensure a fast turn around time on the county record searches, we have OCI integrations with over 1,900 courts, ensuring that frequently you will receive clears back within minutes.


State-level criminal record checks

State-level criminal record checks A statewide search will yield information for all counties in a given state, useful for discovering crimes outside of the immediate area in which the requested subject lives or works.

Other verifications

While the above products create a solid criminal background check, offer a few additional services to assist you with optimizing a background check.

Additional SSN based Services

With the social security number as the main input, we offer the following two verification options.

US OneTrace

US OneTRACE provides a name and address trace based upon the Social Security Number, first and last name. The report returns all names and addresses associated with the given SSN.

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This provides validation against a given Social Security Number. This validation identifies invalid Social Security Numbers in addition to associating the SSN with individuals listed on the Death Master Index (DMI).

Name, DOB and Address Verifications

Some times an organization needs to make sure that a person is really who they say they are and for those situations offer an online identity verification system that can be implemented stand alone or in conjunction with a criminal background check.


Rely ID authenticates an identity instantly using the full name, date of birth and address of the applicant, optionally supplemented by either social security number, passport number or driver’s license, and phone numbers. All of this information is submitted via an online form that your applicant would fill out. They will then be asked a number of multiple-choice questions specific to them that only they would know the answers to. In order to pass this identity test they must answer this series of questions correctly. Using this knowledge based authentication system we can validate that the identity information entered by the applicant belong to the person answering the questions online.

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