Integration with our API

Our integration technology is unsurpassed in the industry. Because we built our web services using industry standard XML schemas, it's easy to program and easy to use.

Our highly sophisticated and flexible search filters allow users to broaden or narrow the criminal results to fit their unique specifications. You can use our default search filters that govern how far we search back and how we handle name and date of birth matches against our criminal database, specify in your integration how you want us to process an order or you can send an email to our technical contact asking that we change your default search filters. Plus, with you can always expect the highest levels of customer and technical support.

  • Discounted wholesale pricing available to resellers and CRAs
  • Monthly Payment/Credit Line
  • Tiered Volume Pricing

Customize Your Integration to Fit Your Screening Offering

  1. Running a test of a provider’s multi-jurisdictional criminal database solution is an excellent way for you to compare its effectiveness against what other providers offer. We are more than happy to discuss various ways that you may test our data.
  2. Sign an NDA and discuss pricing and integration details with our dedicated reseller division.
  3. Quickly integrate to our test harness with the provided coding samples and style sheets and run a few searches - just contact us for test credits.

Common Questions

Ready to talk business?

This website is here to offer guidance and helpful information for partners and resellers. If you're interested in becoming a partner or reseller, if you are currently a Consumer Reporting Agency, then feel free to look through some of the publicly available info in the links at the top of this site and if you are eager to get started, contact us now.