VendorSAFE- Preferred Background Screening Program

for JDA suppliers

Client logo JDA has partnered with to provide its vendor suppliers with a quick and easy way to conduct background checks on their employees (which the vendor supplier desires to present to JDA for contingent worker service engagements).

JDA requires that all contingent workers be screened through VendorSAFE prior to entering into any services engagement.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Vendor suppliers are reminded that the company and its respective employees are being retained by JDA only as independent contractors, and neither the vendor supplier nor any of its employees shall be considered agents or employees of JDA for any purpose. The vendor supplier shall maintain all insurance coverage as required by law, including required insurance for its employees and others under its control, and it is also responsible for any state, federal, and locate taxes and any other employment-related taxes or fees related to its employees. Vendor supplier shall indemnify, defend and hold JDA harmless from and against any claims made by or against its employees arising out of its agreement for services with JDA (or that which is performed for JDA’s customers through its agreement with JDA). Such indemnification includes any misrepresentations (whether made knowingly or unknowingly) or any other issues related to background screenings performed for its employees.

JDA Vendor Suppliers benefit from:

  • Fast account registration and ordering process
  • 24/7 online access to request checks and review results
  • Pre-set discount pricing delivering significant cost savings
  • Live customer service support