Background Screening 201 : Employment and Education Verifications – So Straightforward it Hurts

Good morning folks! Today we turn from the different types of criminal history searches that performs to education and employment verifications – two of the most common services we provide.

In addition to being two of the most common services we provide, employment and education verifications are probably also the most clear cut: In an employment verification, a worker will attempt to verify facts including dates of employment, title and compensation. In an education verification, the worker attempts to verify facts including dates attended, GPA and highest degree earned.

Typically this happens in one of two ways: We will either pull the information from a centralized system where the institution (previous employer or school) houses it or we will use our resources to determine the appropriate number to call and we will personally call the institution to verify the information. When a employee calls the institution, we can either utilize our standard questions to get the answers you need or we can follow a script that you provide.

So what more is there to explain? Well, like everything else in life, there are always exceptions to the rule-and it’s in these exceptions that shows our worth. It’s a fact of life that businesses close up shop every year – and though less frequent, schools do too. When someone is claiming to have worked at a business or received a degree from a school that no longer exists, it can be difficult to verify.

When this happens, takes extra steps to authenticate the information. For instance, when trying to verify employment at a business that no longer exists, can access and utilize tax documents or pay stubs if the client allows. Similarly, will take unusual steps to verify education for closed institutions, going so far as to contact the Secretary of Education or Department of Education.

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