Can a Background Check Verify Employment?

Verifying a candidate’s employment history is an integral part of the background check process. Many employers will make hiring decisions based largely on a candidate’s work experience. When it comes to filling a position, hiring managers want to know that their top candidates have held similar jobs in the past. Applicable work experience reduces the learning curve and increases the likelihood of a new employee’s success. However, before an employer can hang the full weight of a hiring decision on a person’s work history, it is important to verify past employment.

Unfortunately, lying on resumes is something that many applicants are willing to do if it increases their chances of securing a job. Lies about employment history are among the most common forms of resume dishonesty. Candidates will tweak job titles to make them sound more impressive, edit employment dates to fill gaps in their work history, and embellish their work responsibilities. It’s not unheard of for candidates to fabricate entire parts of their work history.

Prospective employers can use background checks to verify employment. A background check to verify employers may not take the form you expect it to, however. There is no searchable database that will allow you to view and verify a candidate’s entire work history in one place. Instead, you will need to verify work history facts by speaking with each past employer.

At, we offer this check in the form of our Employment Verification service. When you purchase this check, we will take the information your candidate provided on his or her resume and contact the past employers listed using an individual verification check for each employer you wish to verify. During these calls to past employers, we ask someone from the business—usually an HR representative—to verify key details about your candidate, including the positions held, responsibilities involved, and dates of employment. In some cases, we may also be able to ask about reasons for leaving or eligibility for rehire.

Finally, we prepare a report based on the verification background check or checks that you hired us to conduct. Each report will include side-by-side comparisons of the information the candidate provided and what we were able to learn directly from the employer. If there are discrepancies, they will be easy for you to spot. You can then take this information into account when making your hiring decision.

Are you interested in learning more about our Employment Verification check? Learn more about how to verify employers with a background check or order your report by visiting the product page.

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