Applicant Self-order Feature

Reviewing the process by which you can invite people to self-order their own background checks


Watch our 6-minute video explainer to guide you

Self-order feature takes advantage of the easy to use web-based platform.

It allows you to delegate some of the background check ordering process to your candidates by inviting them to enter their own information to initiate the background check and (where legal) to pay for the check themselves. application is optimized to be used on mobile devices facilitating the candidates ability to open the email based invitations on their smart phones or tablets
and immediately complete the steps for ordering their background check. Thus reducing the time required to get the check under way, reducing labor cost and reducing the possibility of data entry errors.

Self-Order is a configurable solutions providing multiple options for sending applicant entry invitations

Single Subject Invitation

Where you send personalized email invitations to each candidate you'd like to go through the process.

Multiple Subject Invitation

Where you send multiple invitation for the same background screening package for a list of candidates.

Landing Page URL Invitation

Where you simply create a hyperlink to a self ordering landing page and communicate via your website, leaflets or on emails sent by your own system.

Self-Order helps you also remain complaint

Single subject invitation requires you to certify whether or not you have provided certain FCRA-required documents to your candidate and then ask your candidate whether or not they have received the documents. If either you or your candidates responded negative, our system will present your candidate with our standard versions of the required forms and will track the candidate consent and acknowledgment.

With Multiple subjects and Website invitations, our system automatically presents your candidates with our standard FCRA required documents and tracks their consent and acknowledgment.
You may also provide FCRA-required documents with your customized language that our system will present to your candidates and track.