What to Expect from Vendor Background Checks at Home Depot

Home Depot is a recognized business across the United States, with nearly half a million employees nationwide. Home Depot is a fixture in many cities and towns and has been a primary provider of home hardware products for decades. The company is also a sizable supplier for many local contractors and construction crews who rely on the one-stop shop nature of the store. Home Depot forges relationships with third-party vendors, suppliers, and service providers to successfully pursue its mission. For those hoping to build a partnership, it’s necessary to understand what the company requires for vendor background checks.

What is a vendor background check? This phrase refers to the vetting or screening process applied to those who aren’t direct employees of Home Depot. For example, a company may make products for Home Depot to sell. Home Depot requires manufacturers to adhere to specified standards of ethical operations, which could include protecting workers from safety hazards. Criminal background checks and other forms of screening services help to reduce risks. So, what do you need to know about this process?

Differentiating between vendors and service providers

There are two specific groups to consider when exploring vendor background check requirements at Home Depot. Suppliers or vendors manufacture products for sale in Home Depot stores. These are typically factory operators. Most are medium to large businesses in their own right, though some small companies also work with Home Depot. The company expects these partner suppliers to be responsible for all hiring and safety requirements.

Service providers are different. Home Depot assists local homeowners, businesses, and contractors needing additional help. Through Home Depot, individuals may receive recommendations for contractors who can help with home improvement or repair work. These subcontractors may do anything from electrical work to tiling, wood framing, and more. Home Depot does not employ these individuals directly but takes a more proactive viewpoint about background screening.

What Home Depot requires from service providers

If you plan to work with Home Depot so that the company can recommend your services to their customers, you’ll need to satisfy some basic requirements. Home Depot requires an initial background screening during the onboarding process. The vendor or supplier’s principal (owner, operator, etc) and all workers must undergo the background check workflow individually.

Submitting to additional background screening once every two years for as long as you remain an official Home Depot service provider is mandatory.

Badged individuals face additional requirements. A badged individual usually refers to someone with a specific license or certification required to render a service. Badged workers must submit to a Home Depot background check every six months. All providers undergo:

  • Criminal background checks
  • A credit report check
  • A motor vehicle record check
  • Social Security number validation

Although unusual, Home Depot assumes full responsibility for most of these checks. You may need to provide background checks for the principal and personnel, but not necessarily for badged individuals. Home Depot says they pay for the biannual screening service at no cost to service providers. They use a background check company of their own choice for these processes.

Suppliers don’t face the same explicit requirements as service providers. For suppliers, Home Depot’s handbook primarily speaks to ethical and legal operations. Nonetheless, suppliers should also develop a background check policy as a matter of due diligence.

What should go into your background check process?

How should you structure your screening process to satisfy Home Depot’s requirements? There are best practices that every company can use to ensure it covers all the bases in the hiring process. Home Depot’s own requirements are good guidelines. Generally, you should expect to use a process containing some or all the following elements.

  • Criminal history checks. Look for red flags that identify an applicant as potentially dangerous or unsuitable. Use the EEOC’s Green Factors to evaluate the relevance of criminal records.
  • Use drug tests to foster a drug-free workplace. You may run a business where workers operate heavy equipment or power tools. Drug testing helps create a safer environment without the risks of substance abuse.
  • Verify that all employees are eligible for work. This requirement is fundamental for all businesses, but be sure you know the Form I-9 process.
  • Check that any licensed personnel have active credentials in good standing.
  • Request driving records or MVRs when personnel operate machinery, drive vehicles, or travel while working on your behalf.

At backgroundchecks.com, we provide solutions to support all these efforts. Work with us today to create a comprehensive process for innovative hiring.

Always observe relevant local and federal laws

Remember that local, state, and federal rules may apply to an employer doing vendor background checks. You must obey these rules even when you’re in the process of satisfying Home Depot’s requirements. Review your obligations under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Check for any relevant and local Ban the Box or Fair Chance laws. Rely on a screening company such as backgroundchecks.com, where we build compliance workflows into our products to help you meet obligations.

Build a better background check workflow today

Home Depot is a unique case among businesses in its proactive role of screening service providers. However, other suppliers and vendors may not fall under the purview of this program. You may be responsible for creating a safe and healthy working environment independently of Home Depot. At backgroundchecks.com, we’ve created screening solutions to aid companies like yours. It’s called VendorSAFE, and it’s a quick and easy way to screen your workers in a fully compliant manner.

With VendorSAFE, you can rapidly obtain detailed reports on job applicants or existing employees. Spot red flags or find information that requires further investigation. Hire with confidence in your complete understanding of an applicant’s suitability. Following this process prepares your business to apply to be a supplier or service provider with Home Depot today. Get started with ordering your vendor background checks now.


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