childcare workers

Childcare Providers Face a Challenging Labor Landscape

Devastated by the pandemic, the childcare industry has struggled to bounce back even as demand rises with parents return...


Compliance and Legislation

Can AI-Based Hiring Tools Be Fixed?

AI-based hiring tools were touted to save employers time, streamline hiring, and even remove bias from the hiring proces...

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Compliance and Legislation

Florida May Mandate Background Checks for Apartment Workers

Following a murder at a student rental apartment near the University of Florida, some lawmakers have proposed changes to...

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CFPB Warns Against Name-Only Matches, Says They May Violate FCRA

The FCRA establishes a broad range of consumer protections. A recent government advisory from the CFPB clarified that ce...

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employee background check vetting

Employers Experiment with Removing Barriers to Hiring, From Resumes to Background Checks

Some employers are experimenting with “open hiring”, a strategy of hiring new employees without interviews, background c...

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school employee background checks

Missouri Boarding School Sues to Halt Background Check Requirement

After the Missouri legislature closed a loophole allowing some organizations to forego background checks, one religious ...

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teacher background checks, volunteer background checks

Connecticut Legislative Committee Explains Potential New Direction for Preventing Youth Abuse

Strong teacher, coach, and volunteer background checks can help prevent abuse in schools, youth sports, and other organi...

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teacher background checks

Did a New Orleans Charter School Rehire an Employee Fired Over Background Check Findings?

The charter school in New Orleans that faced controversy for falsifying employee background check records is back in the...

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Drug Testing

Policy Changes and Labor Challenges Mean Fewer Drug Tests

With more states legalizing marijuana for all adults and pressing labor shortages in many industries, some employers hav...

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EEOC Updates Guidance on COVID-19 Vaccine Requirements After Sweeping Biden Order

The EEOC has updated its guidance for employers requiring vaccinations for workers. The document covers how employers ca...

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