ban the box

Ban the Box: Summer 2021 Update

We look at the latest updates in ban the box legislation, including a bill that could take ban the box nationwide, juris...


reference checks

Conducting a Reference Check

Reference checks are a common step of the hiring strategy for most employers, usually slotted into the interview process...

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child care

Summer Camps Prepare to Return in 2021; What Parents Should Know

Many summer camps are likely to return in 2021 following a year off due to COVID-19. Here’s what parents should know abo...

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tenant screening, landlord

Tenant Background Checks Continue to Spark Controversy

More legislators are pushing for significant restrictions to tenant background checks. We examine bills that could chang...

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contractor background screening

Contractor Background Check

Employers that structure their hiring and background check policies around employment arrangements may wonder: are there...

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free background check

Is There a Totally Free Background Check?

Whether you need to hire someone for a job or look at your own history, you might be interested in finding a free backgr...

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EEOC guidelines, CDC

CDC and EEOC Guidance about Covid-19 Vaccinations

The CDC recently issued guidance that individuals who have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 no longer need to wear...

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volunteer background checks

Why Background Checks for Volunteers Are Necessary

Overlooking volunteer background checks can jeopardize your business just as much as skipping employee vetting. From vol...

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fingerprint background checks

North Carolina Moves to Require Fingerprint Background Checks for Teachers

Legislators in North Carolina are seeking to make fingerprint background checks the standard vetting process for teacher...

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tenant background screening, fair housing

The Latest Developments in the Tenant Background Check and Fair Housing Debate

The debate over tenant background checks and fair housing matters continues, with recent developments in Philadelphia, G...

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