deferred adjudication

What Does Disposition Mean on a Background Check?

Learning a few important terms will simplify the effort of analyzing detailed background reports as you vet candidates f...



Ensuring the Information in Your Background Check Is Accurate

What appears on your own background check? Learn how to find out for yourself. Avoid surprises and see what your backgro...

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FCRA violations

Avoiding Legal Exposure From Faulty FCRA Disclosures

The FCRA requires employers to provide standalone disclosures about background checks to applicants. Learn how simple mi...

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ban the box

Staying on Top of Changes in "Ban the Box" Laws

Local employment laws change frequently, introducing new potential hurdles for hiring managers. There's never a bad time...

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criminal background checks

What shows up on a criminal background check

What shows up on a criminal background check? Most jobs will require you to go through a background screening as part of...

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international background checks

Introduction to International Criminal Background Checks

While most employers are used to structuring their background check process around domestic candidate pools, an increasi...

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professional license verification

State Failed to Run Background Checks Before Granting Professional Licenses

Description: An audit of the state licensing body in Massachusetts recently found that the office did not conduct crimin...

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Questions to Ask Youth Sports Organizations When Enrolling Your Kids

Youth sports can be an enriching, rewarding activity for kids, but it can also be a dangerous one. Here are four questio...

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temporary worker background checks

Employers That Have Hourly Employees

Whether you are a job seeker looking for an hourly position or a business owner trying to structure an hourly employment...

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Harvard Business School Report Calls into Question the Viability of Automated Hiring Technologies

Automated hiring software was supposed to streamline the hiring process. According to a recent report from Harvard, it’s...

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