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With Job Openings Hitting New Highs, What Does the Future Hold?

As the labor market continues to recover from its pandemic-driven lows, job openings have hit record highs—creating oppo...


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AI Support in Background Checks: The Future?

With applications for machine intelligence on the rise, some have turned to applying these techniques to due diligence. ...

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Some Schools Look at Social Media During Hiring. Should They?

At a time when many details of our lives are online, some employers think that social media information should factor in...

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criminal background checks, best background check

What You Need to Know about the Push for Marijuana Decriminalization on the Federal Level

Congress is considering bills that would decriminalize marijuana on the federal level. Find out what this news means for...

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What Is the Value of Using a State-Level Criminal History Search on a Background Check?

What value can a state background check bring to your pre-employment screening process? Here's what you need to know abo...

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How Can Hiring Practices Impact Cybersecurity Risks for Business?

When hiring new employees, businesses often think about the tangible risks of crime or violence—but what about cybersecu...

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Changes to Background Check Policies Triggered by Critical Hiring Need

Amid low employment rates and historic resignation numbers, should employers lower their standards for pre-employment ba...

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Wider Availability of Dating App Background Checks Reveals Concerns

In an effort to make online and app-based dating safer, some companies have rolled out in-app background checks. Now, a ...

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A Roundup of Recent Sex Offender and Sexual Misconduct News Stores; How Can Employers Avoid These Types of Disasters?

Sexual misconduct is a far-too-common fixture in the news, even involving individuals with clear red flags like criminal...

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Oklahoma Lawmakers Consider Improvements to Criminal Expungement Process

Oklahoma is the latest state to seek significant reform in the process of criminal record expungement. The state is cons...

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