Best Buy Expands Employee Benefits to Include Subsidized Childcare

As companies search for ways to attract and retain talented individuals, benefits always play a central role. Traditional benefits such as paid time off, sick leave, and employer-subsidized health insurance are no longer the only options employees can potentially enjoy. The sectors in which these benefits are available have expanded, too; in tech, no longer are employee perks the sole domain of Silicon Valley start-ups and software giants. Retail companies have made strides in their benefits offerings to make associate positions more attractive. Some retail positions are among the best-paying hourly jobs currently available on the market.

Electronics retailer Best Buy, which weathered both the Recession and the explosive growth of online shopping, is frequently regarded as one of the top hourly employers in the country. From a generous employee discount to a unique program that allows associates to share accrued time off with others who may need it more, the company has found many ways to stay competitive as an employer. Its recent announcement that it would begin offering subsidized childcare to the parents in its workforce is an example of that effort.

Qualifying employees will need to pay only a $10 co-pay to access up to 10 days of childcare from workplace provider Care@Work each year. Best Buy believes that offering such a service will provide parents with peace of mind, preventing the need to choose between staying home with a child and missing a shift. 

This move puts the company in the ranks of corporations that offer childcare services, including Starbucks. However, parents might wonder about the individuals who will watch over their children while they work.

According to Care@Work's website, the company uses a thorough vetting procedure to ensure that they only hire safe and qualified caregivers to look after children. This includes a multi-jurisdictional search, similar to the in-depth US OneSEARCH offered by A sex offender registry search and a variety of other checks round out the Care@Work vetting procedure. As a major provider to clients as large as Best Buy, this level of due diligence is all but required. With many recent stories of procedural failures or lapses in large organizations, parent employees will likely find the checks reassuring. 

For business owners considering making a move towards offering a similar type of service, thorough vetting procedures must be a fundamental component. provides access to a range of instant criminal history products plus tailored contractor screening services that can be especially useful when hiring temporary employees. Given the importance of providing access to safe options for childcare, taking the time for performing due diligence on potential caregivers is simply good sense. 

As businesses compete to stand out in what they offer to employees, it is important to remain focused on how to safely offer each new service or benefit.

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