How To Choose the Best Employee Background Check for Your Industry

You know you need a good solution for ordering an employee background check during hiring, but what does that involve? Different industries have distinctive requirements. Some companies may need far more detail and confidence than others. Meanwhile, you must balance informative hiring practices with managing your budget.

At, we provide a range of packages that make it simpler for employers in many industries to find the information they need about their candidates quickly. In this brief guide, we’ll break down the tools we offer, explain what we include, and consider which industries might benefit the most. First, though, why do you need to make a careful selection?

The Importance of Selecting the Appropriate Background Check

There is no one-size-fits-all criminal background check solution. For example, some solutions may require more time or investment than your business needs to remain safe. Ultimately, there are three reasons to make a careful selection. 

Find the relevant information you need to know

You don’t want to cast your net too wide and pay for information you don’t need. Still, you cannot let key details remain undiscovered. You should select a screening solution that offers information relative to your industry and company–more check details later.

Satisfy requirements to comply with legislation

Some industries face requirements you cannot ignore. For example, many transportation companies must order a motor vehicle record with a background check. The appropriate solution ensures you comply with the law at all stages.

Maximize your ROI and cost-effectiveness 

The hiring process is expensive—that’s just a fact. However, background checks don’t have to be a financial burden. Selecting a package tailored to your industry ensures you pay only for what you need.

The Criminal Background Checks for Employees We Offer

At, we provide three package levels for employers to consider. We also offer industry-specific packages and a convenient way for your candidates to engage with the process independently. Let’s examine each solution closely to see what they include and who can benefit the most.

The Instant Criminal Check

Our Instant Criminal+ service is our fastest and most popular option, searching for results from our professionally compiled database of over 650 million criminal records nationwide. This service helps you ensure that candidates have a valid social security number (SSN), and you may search for multiple names based on what you know about an applicant. This search also checks more than 100 watch lists and sex offender registries. Ordering this search yields virtually instant results and is our most affordable. 

Industries That Should Consider the Instant Criminal Check

The Instant Criminal+ product is ideal for businesses that need quick, effective screening but don’t need to meet high standards for scrutiny. Fast food restaurants, basic retail establishments, call centers, and more can all benefit from this resource. This check is best for low-risk positions. 

The Instant Criminal + Local Counties Check

This check contains everything included in the Instant Criminal check but goes one step farther. We will check for the most recent records available at the local county courthouse where your candidate has mostly recently lived and/or currently resides. Since state repositories only update periodically, it can take time for recent crimes and adjudications to filter into our national criminal databases. This check is still highly affordable but takes a little longer—about one to three business days, depending on the effort required to access local court records. 

Industries That Should Consider the Instant Criminal + Local Counties Check

Businesses that need more confidence in their candidates should choose this check. Most corporate positions would benefit from screening that includes access to local records. Staffing firms may benefit from offering greater confidence to their clients. Some healthcare positions could also undergo this check, which is best for low to medium-risk posts, especially when paired with additional screening products.

The Instant Criminal + All Counties Check

This product is ideal for developing a clear picture of a candidate’s past for the highest level of assurance. Alongside our 650 million nationwide records, we’ll also check with local courts in every county where your applicant lived over the last seven years. As with the Local Counties check, this can take up to three business days based on record availability.

Industries That Should Consider the Instant Criminal + All Counties Check

Healthcare organizations, youth groups or athletics, churches, and childcare agencies can all benefit from this check. Consult with your local laws to ensure that this service meets the requirements that such organizations often face. Choose this when you’re an employer who needs to develop high confidence in a candidate’s suitability. 

Explore Our Industry-Tailored Packages

Aside from our specific instant and county solutions, we’ve also created industry packages that bundle background checks, verifications, and other tools into one convenient solution. The four industries we’ve developed specialized packages for include:

  • Staffing agencies, such as recruitment organizations and temporary staffing providers
  • Construction and manufacturing, including vendors, tradespeople, and subcontractors
  • Retail, for rapid screening in high-volume hiring applications and managers
  • Volunteer organizations, from churches to non-profits and community centers.

Find out more about these packages and what they contain today.

Invite Applicants to Begin Their Own Background Screening

Manual workflows and the time they consume are a challenge in every business. Running the entire vetting process can give your business more control, but it can also mean delays, bottlenecks, and opportunities to make compliance mistakes. With our applicant self-order feature, you can enjoy a more streamlined service.

This feature lets applicants begin their own background checks and, where legal, pay for them. The system asks key questions about FCRA compliance and provides standard disclosures and other forms as needed. Once the applicant submits their information, we will run the report and forward the results to you.

Get Started Today

We aim to streamline and simplify the employee background check process for our partners across every industry. With a deep understanding of today’s regulatory environment and a clear sense of what businesses need from their vetting provider, we look forward to providing five-star service to support your hiring process. Still not sure what solution is best for you? Use our “Help Me Choose” feature for guided support, or contact us for friendly customer service.

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