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One of the great things about the screening services at is their speed. Several of our checks such as the instant database searches deliver results instantly, while many others, for example, Federal Criminal History Checks have typical turnarounds of just one to three days. This speed is ideal for businesses that need to make quick decisions about a hire. It’s also terrific for keeping the background check process simple and straightforward. Things can get confusing when you are waiting for background checks for half a dozen candidates simultaneously. Quick turnaround times help avoid a situation in which you have new hires sitting in limbo all at the same time, wondering when their background checks are going to clear.

These benefits made an attractive partner for EHOB, Inc. when the company needed a way to screen its employment candidates for criminal history and red flags. EHOB is a medical device manufacturer that has been operating since 1985. The company is best known for its WAFFLE brand products, which are special mattresses and cushions designed to help with the treatment and prevention of pressure injuries (such as ulcers) or deep tissue injuries. EHOB works closely with hospitals, long-term care facilities, and home care businesses to provide mattresses, cushions, and positioning pads that maximize patient comfort while making life easier for caregivers.

When EHOB started searching for a simple and intuitive way to screen its employment candidates, the company turned to The company wanted to keep the pre-employment and hiring processes quick and concise while also screening its new hires thoroughly, explains Deborah De Leon Martinez, Human Resources Generalist. EHOB also wanted a background screening company that could handle multiple types of checks under one umbrella, including criminal history searches, employment verification checks, and education verification checks.

EHOB looked to for pre-employment background screening services. For the past three years, the company has been relying on for verification checks and criminal history screens. According to EHOB HR Assistant Deborah De Leon, the company’s hiring teams appreciate the intuitive, user-friendly interface of our system as well as the reliable and quick turnaround time for background checks. Across the board, our products have been a perfect match for EHOB’s simple yet fast-paced hiring methodology.

Overall, EHOB has been extremely satisfied with and the products we provide. The speed of our checks makes it possible for EHOB to make quick hiring decisions that prevent the company from losing top-tier candidates. The variety of background check products we offer enables us to serve all the needs of the EHOB hiring team and guarantee a multi-dimensional employee vetting process.

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