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A federal criminal search is conducted by ordering individual US District Court indices in much the same way as a county criminal history. You can specify which district you want to search and we retrieve records from that district. Alternatively, our auto development process can instantly recommend the federal jurisdictions. The recommendations are derived from a social security number based name and address history we run and present in real-time at no cost to you while you are entering the subject's information on the order screen.

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What's included?
Crimes reported in a federal criminal record include only those offenses that are federally prosecuted (violations of federal law as enforced by the FBI, DEA, ATF, and other government agencies) as opposed to local and state law. Hence a state criminal record search will never return federal crimes. Each state has at least one federal district and so does the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Guam, and the Northern Mariana Islands. In total there are 94 federal districts. Federal violations will not appear in either a county or statewide criminal check, and offenses can include kidnapping, drug trafficking, interstate transportation of stolen goods, bank robbery, and embezzlement.

What may be reported on a federal criminal history search?
  • District where record is recorded
  • Case number
  • Defendant
  • Charge
  • Filing date
  • Degree of offense, like misdemeanor
  • Disposition
  • Disposition date
  • Sentence
What is the scope and typical turnaround time on a federal criminal record search?
The time it takes to fulfill a criminal search at the federal court varies from one to a few business days. Before finalizing the order, you can view a typical turnaround time for each direct court search in your shopping cart. By default, a federal search covers 7 years of criminal record history, but you can select from a variety of different time spans (such as 10, 20 or 30 years, unless applicable state law limits the search to seven years) when you submit your search.

For more information on the federal court system visit www.uscourts.gov.
  • Los Angeles County
  • Sacramento County
  • Riverside County
  • San Bernadino County
  • Santa Clara County
  • San Diego County
  • Orange County
  • Dallas County
  • Bexar County
  • Harris County
  • Miami-Dade County
  • Palm Beach County
  • Broward County
  • Hamilton County
  • Franklin County
  • Cuyahoga County
  • Cook County
  • Maricopa County
  • Wayne County
  • Clark County

Do take into account that while our goal is to update our instant database with new counties and new county records regularly, it is possible that a traditional on-premise court house search would provide more up-to-date information and could, for example, show that a criminal record with a pending case status in our instant data base has been recently dismissed.

* Based on comparison of the number of sources of conviction data for online criminal conviction databases that make their source lists publicly available.

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