Inviting Candidates for a pre-employment screening

With our self-order functionality you can delegate some of the background screening process to your new hire, making the hiring process easier than ever.

Online Invitations

Each applicant can be individually invited with a personal email sent from our system. Alternatively, our system can generate a hyperlink for you to communicate in other media like your website, a new hire leaflet or in an email sent out by your system.

Reduced Data Entry Errors

The applicant can enter the required vital information, like full name, date of birth, SSN, address, etc. Because the applicant knows this information, he or she is less likely to make a simple transcription error (like inverting some digits in the date of birth). Alternatively, you can continue to enter those details – whichever is most convenient for you.

Electronic Authorization & Disclosure

Applicants can sign the FCRA-required authorizations and sign for having received the disclosures right in the system. More importantly, we store these electronic consent forms as proof of your company’s compliance.


The new applicant entry capability has been designed to prompt your hire to pay for the report by credit card or allow you to continue to pay for the report using your existing stored payment method. Regardless of which you choose the applicants will still be required to run the report that you have pre-selected for them.

Mobile Optimization

Sure, you’re utilizing this system at your computer, but your applicants may not have a personal computer right in front of them. By making mobile friendly, we’ve made it easy for your applicants to log-in and provide their information on their mobile phone or tablet from wherever they are. This in turn also decreases the overall turnaround time for the entire background check process.

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