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The best practices for conducting background checks stipulate employers should consider seven years of an applicant's address history, in line with the Fair Credit Reporting Act's time limits on some types of records.’s platform offers our users automatic generation of recommended jurisdictions for county, state and federal searches based on a free of charge address history trace derived from the Social Security Number.

This makes it faster and easier for our customers to select the right jurisdictions to search and reduces the risk of inappropriately selected jurisdictions due to typos or applicant omitted addresses.

How does it work?

As soon as you enter the subject's social security number in our search form, we will in real time run a name and address history search behind the scenes and automatically add the developed county jurisdictions based on the last seven years of your subject’s address history.

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In the County, State and Federal Criminal section, you will see the auto-developed jurisdictions from the subject’s name & address history. You may remove developed jurisdictions by clicking on the trash can next to each jurisdiction or you can add more jurisdictions by clicking the Add a County button.

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While our system can assist in identifying jurisdictions based on an applicant’s address history, when faced with an applicant whose address history reveals residence in a metro area, or for businesses based in these regions, the best choice is to consider the most complete set of records possible by focusing on adjacent countries where it is likely the person might have worked or travelled.

To assist our clients in identifying such areas, we have compiled a list of the top 50 metro areas and included counties.


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