Construction and Manufacturing

Hire people you can trust in key jobs while scaling your business

Protect your business and customers by having easy-to-order screenings for your employees, contractors, and subcontractors.

Meet changing labor needs and limit your liability with fast, thorough background checks

What manufacturing and construction companies say they want

For the hundreds of manufacturing and construction companies we’ve worked with, their main criteria for choosing a provider of screening services is:

  • Reliable results
  • Fast turnaround on background checks
  • Flexibility to satisfy varying screening criteria
  • Low cost
  • Volume discounts

Besides meeting those needs, we also offer:

  • Easy-to-use self-service desktop and mobile apps
  • Efficient ordering and easy account management
  • Plenty of support


Choose a screening package
for construction or manufacturing firms

Instant Criminal+
Instant Criminal+ Local County
Drug testing
Federal search (optional)
Professional license and certificate verification
Nationwide Wants and Warrants (optional)

Get the screening reports you need for each client and job role

In choosing your background checks, you have options.

  • Pick one of the packages we suggest for construction and manufacturing, above.
  • Create custom screenings 
  • Select from any of 3 standard packages. 
  • Add optional screening from a menu of more than 15 services. 
  • You can also arrange for volume discounts.

Select from 3 standard packages

For searches that are simple, fast, straightforward, convenient, and cost-effective, pick from the Instant Criminal+, Instant Criminal+ Local County, and Instant Criminal+ All Counties package offerings.


Create custom screenings

Create your own custom report packages to meet your unique needs. Customize packages for different job roles or levels. 

Then order your custom packages conveniently each time you want to screen for those roles.

Screen differently for the various roles you fill

Choose add-on searches for varying levels of responsibility,
education, skill, responsibility, and potential risk.

Order high-volume searches efficiently

The technology and service platform behind makes it easy for you to...

  • Manage your account with as little or as much help as you want from us.
  • Execute large volumes of searches.

Get your searches from the industry's most convenient and reliable source.

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Perform reliable searches and checks

With, you have access to over 650 million records. It’s the top criminal conviction database in the industry. We also search for updated records for the criminal database.

Why do we do this?
To provide cleaner, more consistent and up-to-date searches of criminal records.

Get help in choosing the right checks and reports

Sometimes it’s hard to know what checks and reports you need for different levels of hiring. 

Don’t worry. We have you covered. 

Depending on whom you’re hiring, we’ll suggest a standard or custom package that meets all your needs.

Set up efficient, scalable processes for hiring fast and at volume

Once you’ve chosen the checks you need for each role in your organization, make your processes fast, easy, and consistent. 

You can do so through our self-service portal, which works through desktop or mobile devices. 

It enables authorized users to run the same processes over and over, from wherever you may be.  

You can also check progress and results from mobile devices.

Get answers to your common questions – including information about compliance

If you have questions about compliance requirements, you’ll find answers to common questions in our self-service

Customize your checks and reports

If the screening you want isn’t available in a standard package, you can build your own. 

You can build different custom packages

Receive fast, reliable results

Some of our checks return instant results. 

More detailed and thorough searches may take from 1 to 3 days. 

When you order, we tell you the

Be sure. Be confident. Be fast, efficient, and consistent.

Avoid errors and omissions with

More than 17,000 small and mid-sized businesses screen job candidates through


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