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This support center will help you understand the various types of background check reports you order on your self at backgroundchecks.com.

What type of reports can I order on myself?

At backgroundchecks.com, we offer consumers the ability to order two types of background checks; criminal reports or driving records, as well as a combination of those two. This page explains the basics of the criminal background check and driving record report. Detailed FAQs for report types are covered in the next sections, which you can access through the navigation. Before we provide you information, we may require you to pass an identity quiz, which is for your protection. This gives us assurance that you are who you claim to be.

Criminal Background Check Reports

If you order a criminal background check report on yourself, we search our proprietary criminal database with over 600 million criminal records containing county court records, records from state repositories, department of corrections (DOC), administrative office of courts (AOC), state and tribal area sex offender registries, and various national security sources, such as terrorist watch lists.

Our most popular search is the National Criminal Background Check, which searches for criminal records across all jurisdictions in the database, while a State Criminal Background searches only for records in sources for that particular state.

We match criminal records based on the search criteria you entered about yourself, such as your full name and date of birth. If we find any matches, we then list the key information we have about that person’s criminal conviction records like the nature of the crime, the offense date, and the reporting institution in the criminal background check report, record by record. The amount of information included in a criminal record will vary by source.

A criminal record is a record of a person's criminal court history. The information included in a criminal record varies between states, counties, U.S. territories, and even between jurisdictions within a country. In most cases, criminal records include traffic offenses such as drunk-driving, conviction records where the individual has pleaded guilty or been declared guilty by a qualified court. Conviction records include a wide array of offense degrees such as misdemeanor and felony offenses including various levels and classes.

To provide you with the best instant access to relevant criminal records, backgroundchecks.com will preselect criminal records that exactly match your search criteria and present them to you. However, to be as comprehensive as possible, our database also returns records that are not necessarily a 100% match, but contain sufficient amounts of matching elements to be potentially relevant for your search. We present those in a separate section, allowing you to choose if you want to add them to the profile on the current subject or create new profile on a different person in case you want to keep the records separate. If these records are not about you, you can contact our consumer relations department to " dispute" them, so that they don't show up in any future report we provide about you.

Once you have submitted your order and we have completed the fulfillment, you can access the report in the 'My Purchased Reports' section under the 'Criminal History' tab.

Explore a Sample Report

Every criminal background​ check report is uniquely generated, based on the search criteria provided Our reports provide information from various public records and our database of more than 600 million criminal records.

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Driving Record Reports

backgroundchecks.com offers consumers the ability to order an instant driving record report in over 40 states. If you order a driving record report on yourself, we access and retrieve record from the chosen state Departments of Motor Vehicles (DMVs). Our driving record report will allow you to quickly check for tickets and points, and confirm your driver's license status. The information available differs per state, including how far back the search goes and what is reported on an instant report. For state specific details, please check our driving record FAQ section before placing your order.

Explore a Sample Report

Every driving record report is uniquely generated, based on your personal information and your driver license number. Our reports are assembled based on information we access directly at your state DMV.

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