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We obtain information from public records. If you believe that the public record itself is incorrect, you will need to contact the public agency to seek a correction, since we cannot correct this for you.

If you believe that our report incorrectly states what the public records show or that our report incorrectly states anything other than a public record, you can have us reinvestigate our report by filling out and returning our Consumer Request for Reinvestigation form or by contacting our consumer relations department by telephone at 866.265.6602 or by fax to 866.306.9258.

We do not make decisions for anyone based on our reports. For example, we do not make employers’ hiring decisions. If you believe that a report we provided to someone was correct, but disagree with the decision made based on it, you will need to contact the person who used the report.


If you obtained an expungement for a criminal record, we recommend that you visit the Foundation for Continuing Justice. They offer a free service to those who have had their criminal record sealed, expunged, set aside, or otherwise modified by the court to have this information updated and removed from private companies who provide the information for private background checks. As part of's participation in the Expungement Clearinghouse, we receive electronic updates from the Foundation for Continuing Justice about verified expungements and we update our database accordingly. This does not affect your rights or options to contact us directly.


You can also have us disclose information in our files. There are legal conditions you have to fulfill before we can disclose information to you. To ask for a disclosure, please contact our consumer relations department by telephone at 866.265.6602, by fax to 866.306.9258, or by mail to; Attn: Consumer Relations Department; P.O. Box 353; Chapin, South Carolina 29036. Please make sure to include a telephone number where we can contact you, so that we can help you identify the information you want. If you want just a specific report we provided about you to a specific customer, identifying the customer will help us complete your request faster.

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