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Registering for an account with offers you several benefits and access to a wide range of background check products.

How quickly can I register for an account, place an order and access a report?

You can get started in under 2 minutes with your first background check search, but The FCRA requires us to confirm your legitimacy and purpose for using our services. You can order immediately and will receive reports when that process is done. As a Consumer Reporting Agency; is responsible for properly screening, or “credentialing” new customers in order to satisfy several Federal and State legislated responsibilities related to the acquisition, transfer, and retention of public and private consumer information. Credentialing also helps to eliminate exposure of your company, your employees, and your prospective applicants.

As a part of our business credentialing procedures all clients are required to provide us with a blank copy of the disclosure and authorization form that will be used to collect a person’s written consent to a background check. After new customers register, Client Relations department will contact you to request this information.

What information do I need to register an account?

To register an account you have provide your name, your contact information, the name of your organization and payment details.

Is there a registration fee?

Yes, in most cases there is a one-time registration fee that will be applied during the account registration process. If a registration fee applies, it will be clearly shown and marked in the shopping cart during check out.

Placing your first order

To give you an impression how ordering a background check works, we have created a short video, that will take you through the steps from entering your search criteria to reviewing the report.

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