Baltimore County, Maryland

Baltimore County, a part of the same-named metropolitan area, has a population of about 830,000. Adjacent counties include Anne Arundel, Carroll, Harford, Howard, and Kent. The City of Baltimore lies to the south of the county with York County in Pennsylvania to the north. Important employers include Baltimore County Public Schools and Towson University. 

Comprised mostly of suburbs, Baltimore County sees a regular flow of new arrivals. With this steady population growth, Baltimore County employers always have access to new talent. However, traditional hiring techniques do not always reveal a full snapshot of a job applicant’s suitability. Finding all the answers to your questions necessitates a well-planned method for using criminal background checks. Don’t skip this stage, or else your business risks a future claim of negligent hiring.

Which process should you use for background checks? Start local first: look into Baltimore County’s records to see if your applicant has a local history of criminal activity. If they do, how serious are the crimes? Do they relate to the job in question? If not, your search is not yet over: an applicant with a clean state in Baltimore could still have a record in another city or county. Searching to uncover these additional records is critical for smart employment decision-making. 

To fully leverage background checks, you must do so legally. Neither Baltimore County nor the State of Maryland uses a “ban the box” rule to prohibit employers from inquiring into criminal history information. Federal guidelines from the Civil Rights Act and FCRA, such as the requirement to obtain an applicant’s consent, remain in force. Consult your counsel or review these laws yourself to understand how to avoid discriminatory hiring practices.

Next, provide your business with the tools necessary to reduce time-to-hire. At, our products deliver rapid results in an easily-understood format, and they scale with ease. For the needs of any organization from large corporations to small businesses, our services are accessible and dependable. Choose our county-level background check first to explore Baltimore County’s records, then tap into our US OneSEARCH to include the rest of Maryland, Pennsylvania, and other states.

All products use information from state and local databases not affiliated with Data is subject to change. For positions requiring the most recent data available, please request an on-site courthouse search—we make results available within three working days.

Our reporting products source their data from the:

  • Maryland Admin Office of the Courts – Felony and misdemeanor records from 1999-present, updated monthly
  • Maryland Department of Corrections – Criminal records from 2004-present, updated monthly
  • Maryland Sex Offender Registry – Updated bi-weekly
  • Baltimore Gun Offender Registry – Gun-related offenses only, updated quarterly

These reports may contain a subject’s:

  • Name
  • Offense
  • Sentence

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