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Brevard County, Florida

Home to the famous Kennedy Space Center, Brevard County in Florida is the state’s tenth largest county with a population surpassing 600,000 people. Nearby counties include Indian River, Orange, Osceola, and Volusia. Notable regional employers in Brevard County include Publix Supermarkets and the Brevard Public Schools system.

With its location on the Space Coast and its large land area, Brevard County is often a destination for out-of-state transplants and in-state jobseekers alike. Employers should anticipate meeting applicants from outside of their business’s territory. Making smart and safe hiring decisions in these conditions requires more than a glance at a cover letter or an in-person interview. Employers should complement the traditional hiring process with an examination of available criminal history. 

Although employers should take care not to treat a past conviction as a hard barrier to employment, they can view such activity as an opportunity to learn more about an applicant. By considering how a conviction or charge is relevant to the position while weighing other factors, such as the time that has elapsed since an offense, an employer can arrive at a stronger conclusion.

Acquiring the information that you need to draw these conclusions as an employer is simple when you engage rapid online background checks. First, check records maintained by Brevard County to see if your applicant has had legal troubles in your area. Second, consider expanding your search to cover potential areas of residence, such as other counties and states.

This process can be highly informative, but it also requires consideration of legal restrictions that promote fair and equitable hiring. 

As of 2021, there are no statewide “ban the box” rules for public or private employers in Florida. Brevard County has no such regulations in place, nor do any local municipalities within the county. Employers should refer to EEOC fair hiring guidance and federal legislation such as the FCRA to develop fair and legally compliant background check procedures. For example, always obtain an applicant’s consent before running a check, and always furnish a standalone notice of your intent to use such services.

When you need to vet a candidate to assess their suitability for an open position, you can get started by purchasing a county-level criminal record report from for Brevard county results. When you’re ready, expand your considerations via the US OneSEARCH to include results from all of Florida and other states. 

Very recent changes in court computer systems related to pending cases may not always appear in instant database results. When you need to check the status of an applicant’s active court case, you can request an onsite courthouse record search for up-to-date results within three business days.

These services use information provided by state and local authorities unaffiliated with Criminal history reports from our US OneSEARCH include data from the:

  • Brevard County Courts – Felony, misdemeanor, and traffic crime records from 1990-present 

These reports can include the subject’s:

  • Name
  • Offense/Charge
  • Sentence
  • Disposition

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