Butler County, Ohio

Located near the border with Indiana, Ohio’s Butler County has a population of 390,000. Nearby counties include Hamilton, Montgomery, Preble, and Warren counties in Indiana, and Dearborn, Franklin, and Union counties in Indiana. Key employers for the area include Miami University, Koch Foods, and Liberty Mutual.

A part of the fading industrial region known as the Rust Belt, Butler County has transitioned away from heavy industry and towards education and service. New waves of immigration to the area have given the county some modest growth over the past two decades. Despite its Rust Belt reputation, the presence of one of the oldest universities in the nation continues to draw people to live and work in the area. For businesses in the area, filling open positions quickly can be a concern—but it’s important to keep safety in mind alongside speed.

Background checks are an effective and easy-to-use tool for acquiring key information about applicants to your open job positions. A background check can tell you much more about a candidate than an interview or reading their resume can do alone. While they aren’t predictive tools, they can raise red flags about the potential for future bad behavior that you may want your business to avoid.

Candidate vetting doesn’t have to be slow, clunky, and expensive. Instead, today’s services offer instant report generation, so you don’t have to wait days to begin considering an individual’s suitability. Whether you find a clean record or a troubling string of past charges and convictions, you will have essential information for deciding about the next hiring stage. For example, you may find a recent arraignment and need to drill down to county-level records to learn more. Zeroing in on county-level records at this stage is important. With backgroundchecks.com, finding that help is easy—but you must use these tools wisely.

Ohio has no “ban the box” law that applies to private employers, instead applying it only to public employment by the state. Even so, companies must still carefully navigate other legal requirements they face when using background checks, such as standalone disclosure forms. Additionally, factoring in the EEOC guidance on background checks and reviewing federal and state non-discrimination statutes should be priorities. Prevent the headaches of claims from candidates about improper procedures by doing due diligence.

Once you’re confident of your procedure, you can start putting it into action with help from backgroundchecks.com. Beginning with the US OneSEARCH lets employers explore records held nationwide, including within Butler County. For more information on our sources, visit the coverage map. Should you need to drill down to detailed local-level information, the county court record search is easy to order and interpret.

Criminal background reports generated by backgroundchecks.com include information from the following:

  • Fairfield Municipal Court - Misdemeanor records from 1999-present

  • Hamilton Municipal Court - Misdemeanor records from 1992-present

  • Middletown Municipal Court - Misdemeanor records from 1999-present

  • Butler County Common Pleas - Felony records from 1999-present

  • Ohio Sex Offender Registry

These reports can include the subjects:

  • Name

  • Offense/Charge

  • Sentence

  • Disposition

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