Camden County, New Jersey back ground check

Camden County is a densely populated urban and suburban region in New Jersey with a population of about 524,000 people. Nearby counties include Atlantic, Burlington, Gloucester in New Jersey, and Philadelphia County in Pennsylvania. Notable employers in Camden County include the Campbell Soup Company and Rutgers University.

Camden County today features a high concentration of educational and medical organizations despite a long industrial history. Combined with the short distance from Philadelphia, the area remains a destination for local and regional job-seekers. For companies seeking to staff up, this presents frequent valuable opportunities to find fresh talent. However, the consistent flow of people through the area makes it more likely to encounter potentially risky applicants.

Using background checks as part of the hiring process can help you manage these risks. These reports can provide valuable information that you cannot readily uncover by reviewing a resume or conducting an interview. Finding evidence of a criminal record could change your perspective on an applicant.

A past conviction record should only be an immediate disqualifier for the most severe and violent crimes or when the law requires you to do so. Otherwise, you should evaluate this new information with several factors in mind: time, relevance, and any efforts at rehabilitation. Using this type of process opens the door to a well-informed hiring process that lets you fully evaluate all aspects of a candidate.

Where do you find all of the information you need to make such determinations? It’s easier to access than you may expect. Online background check services can deliver instant results for your area and beyond, letting you keep the hiring process moving along with fewer delays. 

Searching your local county records will let you know about your applicant’s history in the community, while looking at other counties and states ensures you don’t miss any vital information. Someone without a local record could still have a history across the border in Philadelphia, for example.

Using these tools requires you to follow non-discrimination and consumer protection laws as well as the law of your local jurisdiction. New Jersey uses a statewide “ban the box” law that prohibits employers from ordering background checks or inquiring about criminal history before conducting one interview with the applicant. Alongside rules set forth by legislation such as the FCRA, these guidelines should inform how you structure your hiring.

When you’ve carried out an interview and are ready to fully assess a candidate, start your work by ordering a county-level criminal record search from To include results from New Jersey, the Philadelphia metro and beyond, use the US OneSEARCH next.

If a background check indicates an active criminal case, the most recent results may not yet be available online. Request an on-site courthouse record search and receive your results within three business days for information on open and pending cases.

These services use the information provided by state and local authorities unaffiliated with Criminal background reports generated by the US OneSEARCH include data from:

  • New Jersey Admin Office of the Courts
  • New Jersey Department of Corrections
  • New Jersey State Sex Offender Registry

These reports can include the subject’s:

  • Name
  • Offense/Charge
  • Sentence
  • Disposition

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