County - Williamson County, Texas

Located just north of the city of Austin, Williamson County in Texas comprises a region with a population of about 610,000 people. Nearby counties include Bastrop, Bell, Burnet, Lee, Milam, and Travis. Major employers in Williamson County include Dell and Amazon.

Williamson County has long been a suburban community for individuals working within the region with its proximity to Austin. However, a growing business destination such as Round Rock attracts newcomers to the region, too. Area employers should expect to field applicants who have not always resided within Williamson County. 

Selecting the most qualified and the most trustworthy of these applicants may require a deeper look into their history than you can uncover through a simple job interview. Adding an employee background check into the process can enhance your confidence and protect your business.

Though businesses should not set a blanket ban on hiring individuals with a criminal past, the presence of records may require a second conversation with the applicant. Weighing the factors suggested by the EEOC, such as relevance to the job or time elapsed, helps businesses use background checks fairly while strengthening the hiring process.

Using instant online background checks is the easiest way to find the data you need to review a candidate’s past. To begin, look at criminal records held by Williamson County for any evidence of local crimes. Your next steps should include expanding your search to nearby counties and even adjacent states where your candidate may have lived.

While these tools can prove to be very useful, businesses must take care to use them within the boundaries established by federal and local legislation.

In Texas, there are no statewide “ban the box” laws or other rules in place that dictate how employers may vet their applicants. However, federal fair hiring and anti-discrimination laws such as the FCRA and the Civil Rights Act still apply despite other rules. 

When reviewing a background check, employers should take the EEOC factors into account. When planning to reject an applicant because of a background check, they must receive early notice and an opportunity to appeal with additional evidence of rehabilitation. 

When you’ve made a conditional offer and the time comes to begin vetting, get a quick start by purchasing a county-level criminal record report from for Williamson County. After reviewing these results, take a broader look throughout California and nearby states via the US OneSEARCH.

Cases still pending before the courts do not always report new changes to online systems rapidly. When you need to investigate the status of such a case, ask about our onsite courthouse record search instead. We offer results within three business days.

These services use the information provided by state and local authorities unaffiliated with Criminal background reports generated by the US OneSEARCH include data from the following:

  • Texas Department of Public Safety – Felony and misdemeanor records from 1975-present
  • Williamson County courts – Misdemeanor records from 1982-presence 

These reports can include the subject’s:

  • Name
  • Offense/Charge
  • Sentence
  • Disposition

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