DeKalb County, which contains a portion of Atlanta, has a population of around 760,000. Adjacent counties include Clayton, Fulton, Gwinnett, Henry, and Rockdale. Key regional employers include AT&T, Kroger, and Emory University. Once a center for agriculture, the outward growth of Atlanta transformed DeKalb into a suburban hub with a strong business community of its own.

Consistent growth in DeKalb brings with it many new opportunities for employers but also the potential for encountering unsavory characters. Determining who is trustworthy is an essential part of the hiring process, a process that demands more from employers than examining a resume or reading a cover letter.

An employer has a right to understand which risks they may encounter by hiring an applicant. Only with a robust criminal background check strategy can your business achieve the level of confidence necessary for safe hiring. Where should your search begin?

A local start is best–any evidence of crimes committed within your community by an applicant may mean that moving to another candidate is more appealing. Search DeKalb County records to uncover these facts, but be mindful that finding no results locally is not the same as no results anywhere. Regional background checks and national, multi-jurisdictional searches should also play a role in your research.

Employers must carefully navigate the legal minefields that often accompany background check procedures. Though Georgia has no “ban the box” laws on the books to restrict criminal history inquiries, federal law still applies. DeKalb County businesses must obtain an applicant’s consent for a background check according to the FCRA, and the Civil Rights Act defines what constitutes employment discrimination. Research these rules and keep them in mind while developing your own policies.

With the confidence that you can legally and appropriately use background check tools, it’s time to begin searching criminal records. Kickstart your process via the county-level criminal record search to form your understanding of an applicant’s local history. For additional detail and a wider scope, transition to searching records nationwide through our US OneSEARCH. No matter your hiring requirements, our services scale effortlessly for every entity from major corporations to local nonprofits.  

These tools use information gathered from local criminal justice authorities with no affiliation to Data is subject to change. For positions that require extra care, we make on-site courthouse record searches available upon request to allow employers to access the most recently updated information. These results are available within three business days.

These tools source information from the:

  • Georgia Department of Corrections – Felony convictions from 1979-2009
  • Georgia Parole Board File – Individuals on parole from 2006-present, updated monthly
  • Georgia Sex Offender Registry – Data from 1996-present, updated monthly
  • DeKalb County Courts – Felony and misdemeanor records from 1999-present, updated monthly

These reports may contain a subject’s:

  • Name
  • Offense
  • Sentence

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