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Delaware County, Pennsylvania

Adjacent to the city of Philadelphia, Delaware County, Pennsylvania is a small but densely populated area that is home to about 566,000 people. Nearby counties include Chester, Montgomery, and Philadelphia. Key employers in Delaware County include Boeing and Wawa.

With its proximity to a major city, Delaware County is often a destination for job-seekers in the region. As a result, area businesses field more job applications from applicants who live in locations around the state. Sifting through these applications to make safe, smart hiring choices requires more information than an employer may get from a job interview.

Gathering that information means gathering data that is both legally and publicly available to employers as you vet applicants. Criminal history information plays a key role in this process. While a criminal record shouldn’t eliminate every job opportunity, evaluating an applicant’s past is an essential element of establishing your own judgements about their trustworthiness and suitability.

Digital background check solutions make that evaluation easier to conduct, even at larger scales. Start by refining your view of an applicant’s local history by examining records from Delaware County. Keep in mind, however, that your applicant may have lived somewhere else before applying to your position, including in nearby states. Expand your search to include all of Pennsylvania and records from states such as New Jersey.

These tools can represent a valuable evaluation method for your business, but they do come with limitations and restrictions. It is vital to understand local regulations that impact your use of background checks.

Pennsylvania has not enacted a “ban the box” law that applies to private employers, but such a law does apply to positions offered by state agencies. Delaware County has no ban the box laws on the books. Pennsylvania does bar employers from considering arrests unless they resulted in a conviction. The state also requires employers to consider the recentness of any crimes and whether they relate to the duties of the position in question. Federal rules stipulated by the FCRA always apply.

When you are ready to take the next steps, acquire records by purchasing the county-level criminal record report from To broaden your search to include all of Pennsylvania and bordering states, select the US OneSEARCH. These two tools alone can significantly improve your hiring process and make vetting applicants simple and stress-free.

As courts process their case dockets, information related to pending cases or active prosecution may change. These changes may not always appear immediately in online databases. If you require vetting information that extends beyond this in-the-moment view of a record’s most recent reported status, inquire about using our onsite courthouse search services for candidates with pending cases. Begin reviewing results within three business days.

These services use information provided by state and local authorities unaffiliated with Criminal history reports from our US OneSEARCH include data from the:

  • Pennsylvania Admin Office of the Courts – Traffic, misdemeanor, and felony records from 1987-present
  • Admin Office Common Pleas – Felony and misdemeanor cases from 2000-present

These reports can include the subject’s:

  • Name
  • Offense/Charge
  • Sentence
  • Disposition

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