Denver Metropolitan Area

The Denver metropolitan area is Colorado’s largest metropolitan area and is among the fastest-growing metros in the nation. The region’s current population of about 2.8 million represents growth of more than 10% since the end of the last census in 2010. Six counties make up this core urbanized area: Arapahoe, Jefferson, Adams, Douglas, and the cities and counties of Denver and Broomfield. Though Denver is the largest of the cities in the region, it is joined by other major population centers such as Aurora, Lakewood, Arvada, and Littleton.

As the biggest metropolitan zone in Colorado, the Denver area is a regional hub for business. While some of the region maintains industrial roots, commercial development has flourished. Businesses headquartering themselves in Denver include Quizno’s, RE/MAX, and Frontier Airlines. Nearby Broomfield is home to famous manufacturers such as Ball Aerospace. The metro region’s combination of diversity of economic opportunity and expansive yet interconnected counties yields a very active workforce. 

Denver’s consistent growth means new individuals are always moving to the area from near and far. This represents an excellent opportunity for employers: these factors create a rich pool of applicants for improving your operations. However, it does not have to mean taking any individual’s suitability for granted; instead, operating in metro regions such as Denver increases the importance of vetting that is truly thorough.

Company background check policies that only consult records within the city and county of Denver, for example, will miss potentially vital records that could be housed in Arapahoe county. Successful hiring depends on a metro-wide background check policy.

In designing such a policy, employers must do so in a way that keeps their business in line with Colorado guidelines on fair hiring practices. Colorado does not have any state-level “ban the box” rules defining how and when private employers may ask applicants about criminal convictions, nor does Denver. The rules in place pertain only to public institutions. However, Colorado’s Civil Rights Division stipulates that no employers may ask about arrest records. Similarly, the CRD states employers may only ask about convictions which would directly impact an applicant’s ability to safely perform job duties. Outside of these regulations, employers are free to design policies that match their operational requirements.

With room to maneuver in crafting procedures that work for your business, expanding your search to include the entire Denver metropolitan area simply makes sense. Metro-wide background checks will shed more light on an applicant and allow you to identify red flags or to give them the green light with confidence. provides accessible options for direct courthouse record searches throughout the Denver region, generating reports that contain all the information you need to know before you hire. Take the next steps today to strengthen your search for reliable employees while gaining access to the right tools for the task. 


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