Duval County, Florida

Containing the most populous city in Florida, Duval County is home to about 950,000 people and shares its borders with Baker, Clay, Nassau, and St. Johns counties. Notable employers in the area include CSX, Firehouse Subs, and Bank of America.

As the economic powerhouse in the region and the center of a major logistics hub and sprawling metropolis, Duval County and Jacksonville attract many new residents. These new arrivals quickly become job applicants, affording local businesses a diverse resource for finding new talent.

Making the most of this opportunity requires smart handling of the influx of applicants. You might no longer need to spend weeks posting job openings, but you’ll need to exercise greater caution in screening applicants, any of whom might represent a risky hire. 

How can you tell the difference between suitable and unsuitable applicants? Detailed information about an applicant’s background offers a solution. Finding that info requires a service that offers both access to the right data and the tools for easily interpreting that data. Replicability matters, too: every background check procedure should be as easy as the first one.

Where do you need to look for this data? Start by gathering facts from local authorities, examining court records from Duval County. If an applicant has a relevant and significant record, you may choose to move on to another candidate, but a clean slate here doesn’t guarantee that the applicant has one in St. Johns or Clay county. Include nearby counties in your expanded search to find more disqualifying data.

While pursuing this process, avoid unnecessary exposure to legal liability by following the laws concerning background checks. Neither Duval County nor the state of Florida use ban the box rules, but employers must still adhere to rules at the federal level. These rules include the FCRA, which requires an applicant’s consent for an employer to perform a record search, and the Civil Rights Act, which defines employment discrimination.

With a strong framework for legally checking applicant backgrounds, you can begin vetting new hires. Rely on backgroundchecks.com to power up your process with tools designed for high-volume efficiency. Discover local information through a county-level background check, then reinforce your efforts with a look at nearby counties via our US OneSEARCH.

These reporting products rely on resources maintained outside of our control at the state and county levels. Data is subject to change. For positions that require the latest data available, we can enlist help from local courthouse runners to carry out a direct record search at your request. Results for these searches are available within three business days.

These reports use information from the:

  • Florida Department of Corrections – Felony records from 1989-present, updated monthly
  • Florida Sex Offender Registry – Records from 1998-present, updated monthly
  • Duval County Courts – Felony and misdemeanor records from 1975-present, updated monthly

These reports may include a subject’s:

  • Name
  • Arrest Date & Charges
  • Sentence

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