Jasper County, Indiana Court Records

Approximately 80 miles from the city of Chicago, the small county of Jasper in Indiana has a population of about 33,000 and is considered an outer part of the Chicago metropolitan area. Nearby counties include Benton, Lake, La Porte, Newton, Porter, Pulaski, Starke, and White. Notable employers in the region include Advance Auto Parts, Franciscan Healthcare, and Sealy Mattresses.

A predominantly rural county defined by only a few small settlements, Jasper County, is a quiet area with a population that has remained small and stable for decades. However, due to its location about an hour and a half south of Chicago by road, employers in this region may be more likely to encounter individuals from elsewhere in the Chicago metro area. The reverse is also true: employers in Chicago will encounter job-seekers with diverse origins throughout the metro and beyond. A smart, safe hiring process should consider how to reach as far as possible to uncover potentially relevant criminal records.

The sprawling nature of metro areas and the expanse of their influence means that moving throughout them is both easy and commonplace. Because of these patterns, it is possible that you will encounter more applicants who have left criminal records behind in other places—places potentially a hundred miles or more away from your business. To protect against negligent hiring and to ensure you make fully-informed decisions, a metro-specific background check policy is a must-have. Such a check looks for records in as many counties and locales as possible to let you cast a wide net.

Such a process may sound time-consuming and complex, but with today's advanced background check solutions, you can assess most candidates’ reports within minutes of placing your order. These accessible solutions powered by backgroundchecks.com empower your business to dig deeper for a more thorough consideration of every candidate.

Background checks are a regulated consumer reporting product, so it is essential to review all the regulations that may apply to your business. Only public employment with the state is subject to any such regulations. Indiana does not have a statewide “ban the box” law for any private employment–a state law prohibits counties and cities from passing such laws applicable to private employers. However, Illinois and Chicago both have a strict ban the box law that private employers must obey. Illinois employers may not deny a job based solely on a conviction except in narrow circumstances. 

Indiana also does not place any restrictions on workplace drug testing or pre-employment drug testing. There is no legislation currently under consideration to make changes to these laws. Employers must remember they have disclosure and consent requirements under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

With a process for conducting legally-compliant background checks in place, you can begin to vet your candidates. Through our US OneSEARCH product, employers can enjoy rapid results that cover records compiled from the entire United States, including Jasper county. Our coverage map contains complete details about our resources and available counties.

County court records have a vital role in the hiring process, especially for candidates whose broader background checks may indicate the presence of an open case or pending trial result. Accessing court records directly through our services ensures you have the most precise possible picture of an applicant's criminal history throughout the Chicago metro area.

Background reports generated by backgroundchecks.com include information from the following:

  • Jasper County – Felony and misdemeanor records from 2004-present
  • Indiana sex offender registry

These reports can include the subject's:

  • Name
  • Offense/Charge
  • Sentence
  • Disposition

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