Kenosha County, Wisconsin Court Records

Found in North Chicago and across the state border with Wisconsin, Kenosha County is a part of the broader Chicago metropolitan area with a population of about 170,000. Nearby counties include Racine and Walworth in Wisconsin, Lake and McHenry in Illinois, and Allegan county in Michigan. Major employers in the region include Amazon, Uline, and Snap-On.

Once home to major manufacturing operations, nearly half of all residents do not work in the county today. Instead, it has transitioned towards a more suburban footing for people who live and work in Milwaukee or within the Chicago metropolitan area. Some manufacturers and logistics businesses remain, providing a unique split between commuters and resident workers. Because of this constant flow of people throughout the metro area, Kenosha-area businesses may encounter more applicants from elsewhere. Likewise, businesses in the Chicago metro will more frequently encounter Kenosha residents. 

Understanding how to screen job applicants in this setting is very important. People move throughout metro areas for many reasons, from seeking a lower cost of living to new career opportunities. However, some may also seek to leave a criminal past behind to start again somewhere else. Employers have the right to understand who they hire into their businesses and assessing the potential risks of a prior criminal record is a part of that process. Creating a background check policy that fully considers the challenges of the metro is important to safeguarding against negligence in hiring.

This process is easier to complete than it may seem at first. Today’s powerful background check solutions open the door to better-informed decision making without costly and frustrating delays. With a combination of tools from and services provided at the county courts, it is simple to obtain the records you need to assess a candidate. However, you must not forget that these procedures are subject to rules and regulations. Background checks for employment are subject to several restrictions.

Wisconsin does not have a “ban the box” law that applies to private employers, so you may ask about criminal history and conduct background checks at any hiring stage. However, there is such a law across the border in Illinois and within the City of Chicago. For businesses assessing applicants from Kenosha, you will need to delay background checks until you extend a conditional offer. For Wisconsin-based employers, you must observe the consent and notification rules outlined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act and avoid conduct that could be deemed discriminatory.

Wisconsin does not have any laws that prohibit pre-employment drug testing. Businesses may report failed drug tests or refusals to the state for additional action. Although no legislative changes are expected soon, employers should monitor legislative developments for actions that could impact them.

You’re ready to start running background checks now. To get the broadest point of view from across the entire Chicago metropolitan area, choose the US OneSEARCH for an instant report generated from millions of records gathered from across the states. See our coverage map for more information. Although a good starting point, there are some counties, such as Kenosha, where employers may need to take additional steps to search for criminal records.

Kenosha county court records are available for a $5 fee directly from the court. These records include misdemeanors, civil and criminal traffic infractions, ordinance violations, and other information. The Criminal History Unit of the Wisconsin Department of Justice can also assist individuals with searching for records. This step is important for more than developing a complete picture of an applicant; it can also reveal open and pending court cases.

Background reports sourced from county court records may include the subject's:

  • Name
  • Offense/Charge
  • Sentence
  • Disposition

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