My Clear Start frequently asked questions

MyClearStart is an easy-to-use communication program developed as a shared resource for background screening firms and their customers to soften the impact of delivering adverse decisions. The program offers applicants an easy-to-follow guide through the legal process of possible remediation of their criminal history.

How do I start promoting this program?

Anybody wanting to promote the program can simply link to Upon request, we also provide a sample set of promotional banners and the MyClearStart logo that you can use on your site. You are free to share this promotional material with others who wish to promote the program.

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Is the MyClearStart program really free?

Yes, the program is free to use for background screening firms and their customers. We will not charge any costs to you to participate in or promote the program.

Where can I promote this program?

As an employer, you could decide to promote the program in consumer notices that the Fair Credit Reporting Act requires, such as pre-adverse and adverse action letters. But you could equally well decide to present MyClearStart on your site’s career section and application forms or even develop call scripts or email templates for HR staff to use in response to applicant inquiries.

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