Raleigh Metropolitan Area

Home to a high concentration of universities and research efforts, the Raleigh metropolitan area is sometimes called the “Research Triangle” based on the three schools that anchor the region. Its population of 1.4 million ranks second in the state to Charlotte. The core metropolitan zone consists of only three counties: Durham, Orange, and Wake. 

With a robust and highly diversified economy, Raleigh strongly supports the education, science, and technology sectors. Major corporate employers in the region include IBM, Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, and General Electric.

Several major cities in the region and the presence of educational institutions such as Duke University create an atmosphere that is perfect for a motivated commuter. Raleigh-area businesses enjoy a wider reach when advertising open positions to nearby job-seekers. This ability to attract talented and qualified individuals from other counties and communities, while beneficial, comes with some caveats–such as the need to expand and fortify your employee vetting efforts.

Without a thorough background check, can you establish the trust necessary to make a hire? While many businesses already rely on applicant vetting tools, the scope of these tools may be too limited to produce useful results in a metro area. Looking only at criminal records held in Durham county means missing out on those in Wake County–and it might be Wake that has adverse information to offer on your applicant. 

Collecting background check information on the entire region at once is the simplest way to build a more complete picture. While re-evaluating and readying your background check process for effective metro-area operations, don’t miss the opportunity to confirm your compliance with the laws and regulations which govern background checks in your area. 

North Carolina does not employ a “ban the box” law, and county-level rules apply only to those counties. Businesses may ask about criminal histories and conduct background checks early in the hiring process, but they may not inquire about expunged convictions and arrests. Title VII and the FCRA provide the remainder of the legal framework for hiring in this area. 

With compliance assured, the next step to take is securing a streamlined process for requesting and receiving criminal history data. For this must-have vetting component, backgroundchecks.com delivers, with powerful tools tailored to meet the needs of companies like yours. For the Raleigh metro area’s Wake, Orange, and Durham counties, we provide comprehensive courthouse searches that yield detailed results. To extend your search to all of NC, trust a state-level background check or seek out a regional US OneSEARCH to secure results for up to 5 states at once.

These reports rely on records gathered at the courthouse, typically sourced from the Administrative Office of the Courts. Records from the Department of Corrections and the state sex offender registry are also included. 

Running a business in the Raleigh metro area creates many opportunities, among them the chance to secure talented staff members who will help you lead your team to success. Make certain that new hires are an ideal fit for your company. Find out how you can implement a metro-ready background check procedure today. 

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