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Report usage frequently asked questions

What has changed with the update to background check report pages?

With the update we released in January 2017 a number of elements have changed in the design, lay-out and logic of the report pages. First and foremost the report pages are now completely optimized for viewing on tablet and mobile devices. Just login to on your mobile phone and you an review the report, or order a new one, no matter where you are. The new report has been designed to make reviewing records easier.

At the top of the report we have highlighted the search criteria, including the search options that were applied to the search.


What information is displayed in the order summary section?

With the new order summary you can now view the progress of the entire report on one screen, including notes specific to any one search and which products are still in progress. 


The order summary shows the status for every search in the report, organized in the categories listed below. Until a search is complete, all status information is displayed in the summary section.

  • Crimes and Offenses
  • Civil
  • Verifications
  • Driving Record
  • Drug Screen
  • Financial 
  • Business
  • Other Searches

Additionally, notes entered by our staff appear in the order summary under each respective search. Users can request a status update by clicking the information icon next to a search status, as long as the search is not already complete.

A new timeline

To make it easier to review criminal records we have added a timeline to the report. It shows all years in which a criminal record appears. The timeline will go back a minimum of 7 years. If the report includes a court house search and the Years to Search Back setting is greater than 7, then the report will go back as far as the number of years searched.  If the report finds an instant search hit further back than that, the timeline will go back all the way to the first hit found. In addition, on the timeline you can see how old the subject was at the time of the crime and how long ago it has been since the crime was committed. This way it will be easier to consider those factors in relation to the severity of the crime.



Where do I see the details about the criminal records

All criminal hits are now displayed in reverse chronological order in one Crimes and Offenses section with each record appearing under the year for that record.  That means that records from a court house search, like a various county searches and an instant multi-jurisdictional search like the US OneSEARCH can be intermingled, for example.  Note that this also means that searches which produce no hits will not appear in the results section of the report, only in the order summary.

Watch our US OneSEARCH product video
to see what the new report looks like

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