Located on the Gulf of Mexico and just south of the Tampa metropolitan area, Sarasota County has a population of about 434,000 people. Nearby counties include Charlotte, Manatee, and DeSoto. Major employers operating in Sarasota County include Publix, Sarasota Memorial Healthcare, and the Sarasota school district.

A leading tourist destination on Florida’s gulf coast, Sarasota has seen steady growth in recent decades like many other regions of Florida. Sarasota County often attracts job-seekers from the nearby areas because it features a lively job market driven by a seasonal economy. That usually means less time spent on hiring and better access to desirable talent for businesses. However, not every person who applies to work in your business may be so desirable—even if they look that way on paper. If you aren’t effectively managing this concern when hiring, your business could be at risk of negligent hiring choices.

Safeguarding yourself and those who rely on your business from bad actors doesn’t have to be an insurmountable challenge. Instead, a smart hiring process can put up substantial barriers that reduce future risks to your business. Today, the cover letter, interview, and reference checking process are not enough to be confident in someone’s trustworthiness. Instead, you should look to the concrete facts that you can obtain through a background check. While they are not predictive, they are informative.

Modern technology makes background checks simple, quick, and easy to integrate into your hiring process. Instead of days, you can have criminal history results ready for your review within seconds, giving you the broad-based look at a candidate you need. When reports indicate a need to look at more specific county records, finding those court documents is easy.

Let’s review how this process might work. Following an initial application review and an interview, you decide you want to hire a candidate. Upon ordering a background check, you see evidence of a violent felony conviction or a pending charge for driving under the influence. This information may change your decision, and you should consider reviewing county-level court records to learn more about the charges.

Making your hiring process safer is simple, but you do need to follow the rules along the way. Florida does not restrict how or when employers can inquire into criminal records through a “ban the box” law. Therefore, employers should instead refer to EEOC guidance on background checks while reviewing their obligations under the Civil Rights Act and the FCRA. Remember, a stand-alone disclosure form is mandatory, as is the applicant’s written consent.

After settling the legal side of the process, you can pick the services you’ll use to make smarter hiring choices. Order the US OneSEARCH from backgroundchecks.com to find nationwide criminal history data, including records from Sarasota County. For more source data, check out our coverage map. When this search reveals pending charges or open cases, use our county-level court record check to get the most recent updates.

With compliance in place, you can select the tools you’ll use for vetting. Opt for the US OneSEARCH from backgroundchecks.com to rapidly access criminal record results from across the nation, including Waukesha County. For full source information, consult our coverage map. If you encounter pending charges on a broad-based report, we also make it easy to find the most up-to-date information available with a county-level court record check.

Criminal background reports generated by backgroundchecks.com include information from the following:

  • Sarasota County Courts – Felony and misdemeanor records from 2002-present

  • Florida Department of Corrections

  • Florida State Sex Offender Registry

These reports can include the subject’s:

  • Name

  • Offense/Charge

  • Sentence

  • Disposition

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