Walmart Vendor Background Checks

As one of the largest multi-department retailers in the United States, Walmart relies on a huge number of associates. These employees provide the in-store experiences that customers have come to expect. Well-stocked shelves and friendly customer service depend on hiring the right people. That need is why Walmart uses background checks. However, there is another type of provider who supports the company: the vendor. Background checks for these companies matter, too. Find out more about what employers should know about screening.

Who are vendors for Walmart?

Vendors are different from Walmart employees. Vendors are outside businesses that work with Walmart to supply goods and services inside the store. For example, companies such as Coca-Cola and Frito-Lay often have vendors who work as middlemen between the parent company and Walmart. These vendors enter the store regularly and are responsible for stocking those specific items on the shelves. Vendors help reduce Walmart’s own labor needs while still providing desirable products to customers.

Vendors may also receive permission from Walmart to offer services within their stores. Many Walmarts have an optometrist on site, for example. Others may branded retail spaces or even barber shops and nail salons. Another type of vendor may set up a temporary booth in the store to advertise services and make sales to customers. These booths commonly represent a cell phone service provider or a cable/internet service provider.

In each case, Walmart contracts with the vendor’s company to fulfill certain services. It is the vendor’s responsibility to select trustworthy employees who can work safely within Walmart stores. Walmart sets out many requirements for its vendors, some of which may include expectations for screening.

What does Walmart require of its vendors?

On Walmart’s official “Supplier Requirements,” the company mostly lays out certain business expectations each vendor must meet. This includes having the correct business registrations and licenses. Insurance requirements are also an important part of the checklist.

The company does not publicly disclose what types of screening or vetting requirements it has for its vendors. However, we can look towards their internal hiring processes for an idea of what Walmart vendor background checks should look like.

What should vendor background check requirements include?

For vendors who want to work in Walmart, the key thing to remember is that it is your responsibility to help protect your partner and their customers. The types of screening you may choose to use will depend on the type of vendor role you’ll pursue. Setting up to offer services such as eye exams will require carefully vetting providers and ensuring that they have licenses and certifications in good standing.

Other types of vending won’t require such a specialized check. Instead, you’ll want to establish the general trustworthiness of those who will provide your services. Here’s a quick overview of a sample process to demonstrate what you might pursue.

  • A criminal background check. You should search for any red flags in an individual’s background that could make them a risk to Walmart or its customers. Violent felonies or a pattern of convictions, for example, may be signs of serious risk factors. You should check county court records, state criminal records, and others.
  • A drug test. You may wish to implement drug testing to maintain a drug-free workplace. Check local laws to ensure you test in compliance with any regulations or restrictions on the practice.
  • A registry check. Ensure the individual does not appear on any sex offender registries or sanctions lists. This check will usually be a part of a criminal background check,
  • A driving record check, where needed. If your employee will operate a company vehicle or drive between Walmart locations, you should check their motor vehicle record. You may also need to follow Department of Transportation rules for transit background checks.

Always obey local and federal laws about using background checks for employment. For example, make sure you comply with any local or state-level ban the box laws that may require delaying background checks. Violating these laws can lead to lawsuits or hefty fines.

Evaluating the results of a background check for vendor employees

Use the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s guidance when evaluating background checks as a vendor. You should seek to maintain fairness throughout the process. The presence of a criminal record is, on its own, not enough to disqualify someone. The EEOC factors include the age of the conviction, how serious its nature was, and whether it’s relevant to the job.

You should also place any convictions in context. If someone has a single old conviction but none since then, you might judge them to be a less risky hire. Carefully review the results of background checks to inform your hiring choices.

Streamlining your screening process

Starting a service contract with Walmart is an important milestone for a vendor. Ensuring that you meet the background check requirements means you can’t cut corners or rush, though. So how can you prepare for effective hiring as a vendor for Walmart? At, we’ve partnered with Walmart to help support vendors in their hiring efforts. This program, called VendorSAFE, lets you submit individuals for screening with ease.

You’ll then receive the detailed reports you need to make fully-informed hiring decisions. These reports align with Walmart’s expectations and requirements. Once you’ve reviewed candidate backgrounds, you can select the individuals who will work in the stores. Through this program, Walmart also sees that you’ve met your obligations. Getting started is simple.

Prepare a team that’s ready to work with Walmart

Vendor background checks are an important line of defense against potential claims of negligence. With outside workers coming inside Walmart stores to provide services, the company has a vested interest in protecting itself. Requiring vendors to carry out thorough screening is a matter of due diligence. With, vendors looking to provide services to Walmart can clear this bar and move closer to working as a supplier. Explore how to get started and begin screening your employees and applicants today.

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