One of the oldest counties in the US, York County in Pennsylvania, has a population of about 456,000 today. Nearby counties include Adams, Baltimore, Carroll, Cumberland, Dauphin, Harford, and Lancaster. Key employers in the region include Utz Brands, Amazon, and Target.

With an economy that thrives based on the presence of major foodstuff manufacturers in the area, York County often attracts jobseekers from other locales and continues to experience moderate population growth each decade. Employers in York County can take advantage of a higher number of available job applicants but must also remain aware of the risks of searching for talent in such a labor market. 

In York County, there is often a higher chance a business will receive applications from those whose past actions pose a future risk to the company. While not all criminal histories are so serious, an applicant's background should nonetheless undergo scrutiny and consideration from an employer. Vetting applicants during the pre-employment phase with criminal history background checks tools is a business owner's prerogative and often a smart choice.

Conducting such due diligence is simple with the modern tools available to employers. Carrying out rapid background checks is easier than ever with services that allow you to avoid delays and make fast, well-informed decisions. Consider the process below of how a well-engineered vetting process might work.

To gather as many facts as possible and ensure you leave no stone unturned, start by searching criminal records from across the entire nation. There's no way to know for sure where an applicant lived before arriving in York County, and a broad search provides vital insights into any past criminal behavior in distant locales. Upon completing this search, narrowing your focus to look at more detailed local records is wise, especially when a national background check indicates troubling information.

Using such a process can be fast and easy, but you must always do so in accordance with the law. While Pennsylvania does not enforce a statewide “ban the box” law, employers must still abide by federal rules such as the FCRA's standalone disclosure requirement. Considerations of the “EEOC factors” and the terminology defining discrimination in the Civil Rights Act are also critical efforts.

With a process clearly defined and compliant with regulations, you can begin conducting background checks on candidates with their knowledge and consent. Find fast nationwide results with the US OneSEARCH from to establish your baseline understanding of an applicant. This search includes York County records from the Pennsylvania Admin Office of Courts. Learn more about our record sources and availability through our coverage map.

Does this background check indicate that your applicant has an open case before the local courts? The latest updates for such cases may take time to reach statewide computer systems. To find out the current status of an open case, use the county-level background check.

Criminal background reports generated by include information from the:

  • Pennsylvania Admin Office of Courts – Felony and misdemeanor records from 1987-present
  • Pennsylvania Common Pleas Court – Felony and misdemeanor records from 2000-present

These reports can include the subject’s:

  • Name
  • Offense/Charge
  • Sentence
  • Disposition

Develop a stronger hiring process with you can rely upon with confidence to vet talent today.

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