Background Searches for Parents/Guardians and Volunteers

Client logoPVF has partnered with to provide our customers a fast and easy way to conduct background checks. This can help you allow parents, guardians and volunteers into your schools that may not have been allowed to visit in the past.Recommend a US OneSEARCH - Just $5.50 per individual search with available one year monitoring. With this single search, you can comb through more than 500 million criminal records from counties, department of Correction DOC, administrate office of Courts (AOC), sex offender registries from all 50 states, plus Washington DC, Guam, Puerto Rico. Also included are national and international terrorism sources and more than 13 million photos. Other background check services available too.

Through this partnership you benefit from:

  • Fast account registration and ordering process
  • 24/7 online access to request checks and review results
  • Pre-set discount pricing delivering significant cost savings
  • Live customer service support