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Exploring Vendor Background Checks for Target

Target is one of the most popular and widespread retailers in the US today. The company operates nearly 2,000 stores nationwide and employs hundreds of thousands of people. Beyond these direct employees are third-party suppliers and vendors. These companies provide products for sale and services to support Target. Some may even visit stores and work on stocking shelves. For a vendor, background checks may be a must-have.

Target doesn't hire these individual employees directly. However, they do hold their partners to specific standards. Upholding safety, which may include screening, is a part of those standards. Let's look more closely at what employers working with Target must know.

Understanding vendors and suppliers for Target

"Vendor" and "supplier" are two terms often used interchangeably. However, some nuance between the two is vital to understand. A supplier is usually a company that wholesales products to Target for resale, while vendor may refer to someone who works on behalf of a supplier to deliver and stock products. This term is most common in the food and beverage category. For example, Frito-Lay often uses vendor representatives to stock products. So, too, does Coca-Cola.

What is a vendor background check, then? This term refers to screening conducted on employees who don't work for Target but provide services to the company. A representative of Coke, for example, may need to undergo screening as a matter of due diligence. The parent company is responsible for promoting safety, which Target expects its partners to fulfill.

Target's official documentation speaks primarily to suppliers as companies. Suppliers must adhere to a comprehensive code of conduct that spans many areas of responsibility. These areas include health and safety, ethical business practices, and more. It is every supplier or vendor's responsibility to ensure they can comply with this code of conduct and other requirements. That may mean creating a hiring process that contributes to reducing risk.

What requirements does Target have for vendors?

Target's official supplier portal contains a wealth of information about requirements. The company demonstrates a clear commitment to ethical sourcing and a supply chain that minimizes harm as far as possible. The company has clear expectations for what suppliers must demonstrate to forge a partnership with Target. These include agreeing to auditing and oversight, especially for factories. However, the company does not speak directly to in-store vendor employees or the hiring practices used by partner companies.

However, the Business Partner Code of Conduct addresses some elements adjacent to employee screening. Target's partners must not discriminate during hiring – including discriminating based on factors unrelated to someone's ability to do the job. This directive is similar to guidelines published by the EEOC about evaluating the relevance of criminal records. The Code of Conduct also requires suppliers to create a "safe and healthy" working environment.

While the company does not outright state any requirements, vendors and suppliers should strongly consider developing a smart background check policy. Proper background screening helps protect your business, the public, and primary partners such as Target. A comprehensive process helps foster peace of mind for all parties.

Adhering to vendor background check requirements

Vendors who hope to partner with Target should proactively adhere to the Code of Conduct. In the absence of clear directives about Target vendor background checks, you should plan to follow general best practices for hiring. There may be additional requirements, such as opticians working inside Target stores. Furnishing professional licenses, for example, is something Target may request.

Generally, you should strive to select and hire individuals you can establish are trustworthy. Working with a background screening company can help. While these checks don't foresee the future, they can help you reduce the risk of hiring someone who may commit a crime at work. What are some of the tools you could use?

  • Criminal background checks. A criminal history can highlight potential red flags that may disqualify an applicant. Employers might disqualify candidates for patterns of violent behavior or offenses such as grand theft. Review local county and state criminal records thoroughly.
  • Drug testing, where permitted. Employers have the right to promote drug-free workplaces. Be aware of local restrictions, such as potential prohibitions against marijuana drug tests.
  • Offender registry checks. Verify that applicants aren't on a sex offender registry.
  • Driving record checks for vendors operating vehicles on behalf of your business or Target. An MVR check and drug test are mandatory for Department of Transportation-regulated opinions.

When screening applicants, always comply with local laws that may govern the process. Such laws may include "Fair Chance" rules or "ban the box" regulations that alter when you can begin screening. Always give notice and gain consent as required by the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Remember that Target's Code of Conduct prohibits discrimination in hiring, as does the federal Civil Rights Act.

Making decisions based on background checks

A good vendor screening process aims to select qualified candidates. How you evaluate results and who you choose is your prerogative. However, there is government guidance you should keep in mind while developing a vendor program with Target. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has extensive guidance on using background checks. These "Green factors," as the EEOC calls them, can be a valuable rubric for evaluating screening results. Consider age, relevance, and severity for all criminal records you find.

How can you quickly obtain and evaluate results?

A successful vendor partnership with Target could be a key stepping stone on your road to success. Target engages closely with its partners, so it is vital to be thorough. At, we've developed solutions that support smart screening processes for the modern workplace. Vendors aiming to simplify intake and background checks can rely on our VendorSAFE program. With this tool, you can reliably screen individuals and do your due diligence to satisfy Target.

We provide a fast turnaround time and deliver easy-to-read reports with all the required information. Use these reports to evaluate applicants and select the best candidates for the job. Vendors can point to their engagement with the program as evidence of their due diligence.

Position your business to collaborate with Target

Vendor background checks are an essential tool for companies partnering with Target. Due diligence helps protect you from future claims of a deficient hiring process in the event of an incident. A thorough and safe hiring pipeline also demonstrates responsibility and a commitment to quality to partners such as Target. Using screening services from, vendors and suppliers can put themselves in a better position to forge long-lasting working relationships with major brands like Target. Start your journey towards better hiring practices today.

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