Las Vegas Valley

The Las Vegas Valley, the largest metropolitan region in Nevada, is located at the southern tip of the state and contains a population of about 2.2 million. The region is comprised of only one county, Clark, which includes the entire Valley within its borders. Major cities in the metro region include its namesake along with the communities of North Las Vegas, Henderson, and Paradise.

Over the past 30 years, Las Vegas has sustained consistent, rapid growth and attracted many new residents annually. Although isolated from the rest of the state, the Vegas metro region is home to a thriving and surprisingly diverse economy. Far from housing only tourism and entertainment venues, construction and technology play a large role in the regional economy. Major employers include, Bigelow Aerospace, and MGM Resorts International.

The Las Vegas Valley’s sustained growth makes it an attractive destination for job seekers of all kinds. This influx of job-seeking individuals makes it likely that Clark County businesses will receive applications from people who live or have lived elsewhere in the state or country. Though access to fresh talent offers opportunities for growth for any business, it also reinforces the need for a thorough and well-considered background check policy. A more rigorous vetting process can lead to easier decision-making and improved peace of mind. 

Businesses hiring within the Las Vegas Valley should consider evaluating more than merely the records available in Clark County. A narrow vetting policy could cause employers to miss valuable information found in other state systems—for example, an applicant may have no record in Clark County, but a prior conviction in Washoe County (home to Reno). 

By tapping into all the resources available to your business, you can build confidence with a broader background check policy. In implementing such a policy, businesses must stay abreast of the rules in place for fair hiring practices. 

Overall, Nevada does not broadly restrict what employers may consider in hiring. There are no “ban the box” rules, and both arrest and conviction records are permissible for consideration. However, the Nevada Equal Rights Commission encourages employers to include language stressing that convictions are not automatic disqualifiers. offers several versatile options for employers to use to better understand the backgrounds of job applicants. Our US OneSEARCH provides an expansive, multi-jurisdictional criminal background search with instant results for Clark County. To search within Nevada’s borders, choose a state-level background check, or use regional products to customize your search to include nearby states, too. 

Background check reports in this region use data from many sources, including the Nevada Department of Corrections (data from 1999 to 2011), the Clark County District Court (updated monthly), and the Las Vegas Metro Police Department’s sex offender registry (updated monthly). Information from these sources may include a subject’s:

  • Name
  • Offense
  • Sentence
  • Disposition date

With these tools, employers in the Las Vegas Valley can better equip themselves to handle the region’s rapidly-evolving job market. Find out how these choices can change the way you think about hiring. 

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