Miami-Dade County, Florida

The largest county in South Florida, Miami-Dade, forms the core of the Miami metropolitan area with a population of about 2.7 million people; more than two-thirds of those people live in the city of Miami. Miami-Dade County borders Monroe and Collier counties to the west and Broward County to the north. 

As the economic heart of South Florida, Miami-Dade County hosts many significant businesses and continually attracts new investment in areas such as finance, entertainment, tourism, and real estate. Important employers in the county include Burger King, Carnival Cruise Lines, and Office Depot. 

With its resilient economic climate and proximity to other major population centers in South Florida, in Miami-Dade County, large numbers of people are willing to commute to seek opportunities for work. Miami-area businesses easily reach many qualified local applicants, but that reach comes with one caveat: businesses must treat every application with extra care to avoid hiring mistakes. 

Determining suitability requires more than a close look at an applicant’s resume. Businesses can use robust background checks designed for county-level application to developing a bigger picture of employment suitability—and they must take care to avoid artificially limiting their view by only reviewing records held within Miami-Dade County. Consider why: an applicant may have no record in Miami-Dade but, in Collier or Broward counties, a conviction relevant to the position that they are seeking with your businesses. Requesting a report only from Miami-Dade could lead employers to miss important information until it is too late.  

Consider retooling your existing background check procedures and examining their thoroughness because of these facts. Before taking any action, re-familiarize yourself with applicable rules for fair hiring. 

 In Florida, neither the state nor the county places significant restrictions on an employer’s ability to consider criminal acts during hiring. Miami-Dade’s only “ban the box” policy applies only to the county’s own hiring processes. Otherwise, employers should defer to the EEOC’s fair hiring guidelines and federal legislation such as the Fair Credit Reporting Act

With compliance in place, you may now turn to the task of acquiring the data you’ll need for hiring. can act as your partner, providing a series of intuitive tools designed with your needs in mind. Our county-level background checks are ideal for a quick look at an applicant’s history in Miami-Dade. To supplement this data, use our instant US OneSEARCH to gather information from Broward, Monroe, and Collier counties simultaneously. These instant database results offer the fastest response time for background checks.  

Keep in mind that these databases are maintained by local authorities. Data is subject to change between periodic database updates. To develop the greatest level of confidence in an applicant, also provides on-premises courthouse record searches with thorough results available in an average of 1 to 3 days.  

Several sources supply the information available through an instant background check, including the: 

  • Florida Department of Corrections – Statewide felonies and some misdemeanors from 1989-present, updated monthly
  • Florida Sex Offender Registry – Records from 1998-present, updated monthly
  • Dade County Courts – Felony and misdemeanors from 1988-present, updated monthly

These reports may include the subject’s: 

  • Name
  • Offense and degree
  • Sentence details
  • Disposition 

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