Migration Communications: BackTrack Program

Resources for your migration to backgroundchecks.com

Welcome to backgroundchecks.com! This is your Migration Resource Library that includes all of the support material you need to get the most from your new backgroundchecks.com account. We’ll continue to update this page with more resources as your account migration date approaches.

Preparing for your migration to backgroundchecks.com
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Getting to know The backgroundchecks.com Difference.
backgroundchecks.com has the Technological resources to support some of the most complex hiring programs in the world. We offer some of the most intuitive software with the ability to create packages per client, progressively screen individuals, and much more. backgroundchecks.com has our finger on the pulse of Compliance issues relating to background screening and human capital solutions. That means that we are able to help you meet federal, state, and local compliance regulations, including ones that are specific to the industries you serve. With over 600 million records, we can offer you the #1 criminal conviction database Coverage in the industry* that can be used for criminal background checks. What's more, we actively search for updated records for our criminal database, with the end result being a cleaner and more reliable criminal record search.

Our Industry Leading Criminal Database & Interactive Data Coverage Map
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Client Resources Guide, Part 2 of 3 – Fees
Client Resources Guide, Part 3 of 3 – Your Legal Compliance


As part of the backgroundchecks.com platform, you’ll benefit from:

Training Resources

Why is an instant database search so important?

Check out Common Questions from backgroundchecks.com Customers
View a recorded training session to learn more about:

  • Initiating a background check order – Packages, Applicant Entry & Build-Your-Own
  • Manage Reports – Inbox and Reviewing Reports
  • Administrative account features – User Management, Accounting, Statistics, Online Support & Compliance

Important pre-migration information
Announcement One: 30 days before migration - We’ll provide you with your account migration date, access to migration FAQs and we’ll start the process of closing your BackTrack account. The 30-day period leading up to your account migration is considered a code-freeze period. During this code-freeze, we are unable to make any changes to the configurations of your account, modify packages or change users. This will allow us to properly prepare your account to move without any disruption or issues. After your account is moved, the code-freeze will be lifted, enabling us to make changes to your account as needed.

Announcement Two: 2 weeks before migration – This is a reminder that your account migration is just 2 weeks away and we’ll provide you with additional resources to help you learn more about the backgroundchecks.com platform, training guides and other helpful resource tools.

Announcement Three: 1 week before migration – This is the final reminder before your account migration date that also includes access to all migration resource materials and training guides.

Announcement Four: Migration day – This announcement will provide instructions for accessing your new backgroundchecks.com account. You can start ordering reports in backgroundchecks.com immediately.

Important post-migration information
You will have the ability to view, track and manage orders that are already in progress in BackTrack for 30 days after your account transition date. However, your ability to place orders in BackTrack will be limited to 5 business days after the transition date.

30 days after account migration, your BackTrack reports will be moved to our Historical Portal. Towards the end of the 30-day post-migration period, you will receive an email invitation to create your user access in the Historical Portal for viewing and retrieving your BackTrack reports.
We’ll also send a series of post-migration messages to check-in with you, provide resource material and solicit your feedback about the transition.

We are very excited to add you to the backgroundchecks.com client family and we look forward to servicing all of your background screening needs!

* Based on a comparison of the number of sources of conviction data for online criminal conviction databases that make their source list publicly available.