Screening at Churches and Religious Organizations

Churches and religious organizations can get access to the same screening tools used by commercial organizations to detect criminal behavior and screen out high-risks individuals.

Churches rely on the support and assistance of a wide variety of people besides their own church leaders and administrative staff, such as volunteers, community organizers, and others, who have access to youth, elderly, and other individuals that take part in activities organized or supported by their church or religious organization.

For years, has supported churches and religious organizations with cost-effective custom screening packages and live customer support from our Dallas-based customer service center.

"As a Business Development Strategist for LifeWay Christian Resources, I have worked closely with since 2008. Together, we have been able to provide screening services to over 16,000 churches and organizations and I want to take the time to recognize the help you have provided in protecting the youth and children in communities across the nation. … Furthermore, is extremely hands-on throughout the entire screening process. From the day new registrants sign up, is there to help. It starts with top-notch training and truly never stops, continuing through the entire lifetime of the relationship with customer service representatives who understand the complexities and nuances of our customers. - Jennie Morris, LifeWay"

Churches realize that in this day and age, allowing an individual that is on a sex offender registry or that has an extensive criminal past to work with children can cause irreparable damage to the church and the individuals they have made accessible to them.

Customize A Screening Solution for your Church or Religious Organization

  1. Start with a criminal database search

    US OneSEARCH check(recommended)

    • Multi-jurisdictional database search of criminal records on provided name
    • Offender registry check of records from all 50 states on provided name
    • Terrorist watch list (such as OFAC) on provided name
  2. Supplement with direct searches at specific courthouses

    • Enter the subject's social security number to develop counties and federal districts to search
    • County criminal checks in counties of known residence, work, or school
    • Federal criminal checks in federal districts of known residence, work, or school

  3. Verify key facts from the resume for critical or highly sensitive posts

  4. Add any role-specific reports or verifications

The Difference

Technology has the technological resources to support some of the most complex hiring programs in the world. We offer some of the most intuitive software with the ability to create packages per client, progressively screen individuals, and much more.

Compliance has our finger on the pulse of compliance issues relating to background screening and human capital solutions. That means that we are able to help you meet federal, state, and local compliance regulations, including ones that are specific to the industries you serve.


With over 650 million records, we can offer you the #1 criminal conviction database in the industry that can be used for criminal background checks. What's more, we actively search for updated records for our criminal database, with the end result being a cleaner and more reliable criminal record search.

* Based on a comparison of the number of sources of conviction data for online criminal conviction databases that make their source list publicly available.