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Many of your applicants might be declined opportunities and benefits because of their criminal records. These individuals may possess valuable skill sets that are overlooked because of their inability to pass a background check. initiated the independently positioned MyClearStart program as an easy-to-use tool and shared resource for background screening firms and their customers. The program offers applicants an easy-to-follow guide through the legal process of possible remediation of their criminal history, starting with a FREE collaboratively developed automated process to determine eligibility for record expungement, taking into account state specific rules.

The test instantly determines if people can have their criminal records expunged, sealed, or otherwise made non-public. It takes into account state specific regulations and the details of the crime. On completion of the test, applicants receive an eligibility assessment and additional information on how to proceed.

If the test determines that the prior offense is eligible for expungement, the applicant can have a lawyer review the case and start the expungement process. The information presented includes the fees involved in such a transaction. If the applicant decides to order an expungement, a lawyer is assigned and goes to work for the applicant. Most records are cleared within 6-8 weeks. Importantly, once the offense has been officially expunged or sealed, the lawyer also works to remove the records from proprietary criminal databases that participate in the Expungement Clearinghouse.

The MyClearStart program eases the process of getting expungement information into the hands of applicants. It then accelerates the process of removing expunged records from criminal-record databases. Employers, landlords, and others who take action based on criminal history say that MyClearStart helps them ease the discomfort of delivering adverse decisions.

Promoting the availability of the MyClearStart program is designed to soften the impact of delivering the adverse decision and offers consumers an easy to follow guide through the legal steps that can clear adverse information from their past and help them attain gainful employment. expungement guide for those with prior convictions reintegrate into a professional working life.

Benefits for you to promote MyClearStart

  • NO cost to your company – we manage the entire program
  • Differentiates your company’s hiring and HR experience
  • Offers you a public relations advantage


How do I start promoting this program?

Anybody wanting to promote the program can simply link to Upon request, we also provide a sample set of promotional banners and the MyClearStart logo that you can use on your site. You are free to share this promotional material with others who wish to promote the program.

For more information, contact MyClearStart by email

Is the MyClearStart program really free?

Yes, the program is free to use for background screening firms and their customers. We will not charge any costs to you to participate in or promote the program.

Where can I promote this program?

As an employer, you could decide to promote the program in consumer notices that the Fair Credit Reporting Act requires, such as pre-adverse and adverse action letters. But you could equally well decide to present MyClearStart on your site’s career section and application forms or even develop call scripts or email templates for HR staff to use in response to applicant inquiries.

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