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West Virginia Seeks to Hold Catholic Church Accountable for Abuse

New allegations about abuse at the hands of priests and others within Catholic diocese across the country has elicited r...

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The importance of background checks at youth sport's organizations - infographic

Recent scandals involving predators like Larry Nassar and Jerry Sandusky have rocked youth sports to its foundations. Wi...

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Push for Background Checks on Youth Sports Coaches Continues

For many kids, youth sports offer a path to learning important skills such as cooperative teamwork and self-sufficiency....

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Lax Background Check Policies Lead to Legal Troubles for U.S. Youth Soccer Organization

Youth sports enjoy broad popularity, with millions of players signing up to take part in baseball, soccer, and other pop...

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Why the Larry Nassar Scandal Has Everything to Do with Employment Law and Background Checks

On January 24, Larry Nassar was sentenced to “40 to 175 years in prison” for assaulting and molesting at least 150 under...

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Massachusetts School Association Wants to Widen Background Checks

A Massachusetts association of private schools wants to make sure that its schools are screening for all types of abuse....

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Maryland County School District's Efforts to Protect Kids Pays Off

A school district in Maryland made a commitment last year to create what administrators hope will be a safer educational...

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