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Walmart Facing EEOC Racial Discrimination Claims Over Warehouse Hiring Decisions

Walmart is facing accusations of employment discrimination. The allegations come from employees at a Walmart distributio...

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Finding Space in the Gig Economy with a Criminal Record Proves Challenging

When you climb into a rideshare vehicle or have food delivered by a third-party provider, how can you know the person se...

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Chicago Public Schools Fires 128 Employees over Background Check Findings

Chicago Public Schools (CPS) recently fired 128 employees after conducting fresh background checks. Per a report from th...

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U.S. Army Adopts Background Checks to Strengthen Safety for New Recruits

Despite the image US Army drill instructors possess in popular media, the criteria for selection as a DI is rigorously f...

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NYC Department of Corrections Hired Officers Despite Red Flags

The New York City Department of Corrections (DOC) hired at least 88 people to be correction officers despite red flags i...

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Congressional IT Contractor Didn’t Pass a Background Check

An IT contractor who had access to email servers for United States House of Representatives members worked without a bac...

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What's Included in an Amazon Background Check? Do They Hire Felons?

Amazon’s background check policy requires all finalists to complete criminal background searches, reference checks, and ...

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