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How Religious Organizations Can Fight Sexual Abuse with More Thorough Background Checks

Two decades have elapsed since the Boston Globe exposed the widespread problem of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church. S...

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Catholic Diocese in Texas Sets the Bar for Anti-Abuse Training

In 2002, the Boston Globe published a bombshell story that detailed decades of sexual abuse perpetrated by priests withi...

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The Need for Churches to Consider Background Checks Grows

Since 2002's bombshell report on sexual abuse within the Catholic Church, diocese around the nation have grappled with t...

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Rhode Island Bill Would Allow Churches to Screen Volunteers or Employees

A bill pending in the Rhode Island legislature would allow churches and religious institutions in the state to conduct b...

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Oregon Youth Minister Charged with Sex Abuse Had Criminal History

A leading member of a Christian ministry based in Silverton, Oregon was recently indicted for second-degree sexual abuse...

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Florida Church Volunteer Admits to Child Pornography Accusations

A church in Plant City, Florida will likely be taking a closer look at its background check policies after a youth group...

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Woman Previously Charged With Theft Steals $1 Mil from NY Archdiocese

Sixty-seven-year-old woman Anita Collins, worked for eight years in accounts payable for the Roman Catholic Archdiocese ...

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