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What Is the Value of Using a State-Level Criminal History Search on a Background Check?

What value can a state background check bring to your pre-employment screening process? Here's what you need to know abo...

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How Can Hiring Practices Impact Cybersecurity Risks for Business?

When hiring new employees, businesses often think about the tangible risks of crime or violence—but what about cybersecu...

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Oklahoma Lawmakers Consider Improvements to Criminal Expungement Process

Oklahoma is the latest state to seek significant reform in the process of criminal record expungement. The state is cons...

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Unemployment Agency’s Poor Policies Led to Potentially Risky Hires

Effective use of background checks requires good governance and oversight. In Michigan, auditors found one agency fallin...

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Is Gainesville the Next City to Embrace Ban the Box for Private Employers?

Gainesville could soon become the first jurisdiction in Florida to ban the box for private employers. More than a dozen ...

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HomeAdvisor Faces Scrutiny Over Allegedly Insufficient Background Checks

HomeAdvisor, a site for connecting homeowners with contractors, says they carefully vet all those listed on their site. ...

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New Jersey Bans the Box for Housing: What Tenants Should Know

A new law in New Jersey protects the rights of prospective tenants by effectively banning the box on housing application...

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Data Breaches Are Becoming More Common at Hospitals

Data breaches have become an area of concern across multiple industries from retail to finance in recent years. The brea...

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Major Security Provider Under Scrutiny Over Vetting Practices

Many businesses face an increasing need to protect themselves from liability through better pre-employment screening in ...

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How to Get a Criminal Background Check: What You Need to Know

Learn how to get a background check, whether you are an employer looking to hire a top-tier candidate or someone doing t...

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