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Are Background Checks Anonymous?

In many everyday situations, you may wish to use a background check to learn a bit more about someone. Perhaps a neighbo...

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Ninth Circuit Rules that Disclosures Containing Waivers Violate the FCRA

For the past 5 years, has reported rulings of district courts around the country that have ruled th...

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New Requirements Could Be Coming to NYC's Ban the Box Law

In October 2015, New York City's "Fair Chance Act," officially banning the box for all private and public employers oper...

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Active FCRA Judge Reaffirms Trend Against Employers in Class Action for Insufficient FCRA Disclosure

As we have previously reported, plaintiffs’ lawyers are pursuing employers in class actions seeking compensation for the...

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Employers Continue to be Sued in Class Action Lawsuits Alleging FCRA Violations

There appears to be a new favorite claim among plaintiffs’ attorneys these days. Three class action lawsuits were filed ...

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Pizza Chain and Major Bank Sued in Class Actions for Technical FCRA Violations

Plaintiff's law firms are suing large employers for technical violations of the disclosure requirements of the FCRA. At ...

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District Court Allows Class Action Suit Based On Technical Failures to Comply with FCRA

A federal district court recently certified a class action against an employer based on arguable, but technical, failure...

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