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Movement to Expunge Marijuana Convictions

In Michigan, residents voted to legalize marijuana completely in the 2018 November election. In September 2019, a bipart...

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Reconsidering the Role of Background Checks During Talent Shortages

Employers often find themselves in the midst of a "talent crunch." One study estimates that there will be a shortage of ...

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Can Using CBD Products Get You Fired?

Laws on marijuana are becoming increasingly complex. What was once an illegal and criminalized drug everywhere in the Un...

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What Are Inadequate Background Checks?

Many employers recognize the potential value in using background checks to look into a job applicant's criminal history,...

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Drug Test Warning: Products Like Cannabidiol Can Result in Failed Drug Screenings

Even if you aren’t using marijuana, there is a possibility small traces of THC could show up on an employment-related dr...

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As Workplace Drug Testing for Marijuana Wanes, Concerns Rise About Opioid Abuse

Compared to twenty or even ten years ago, the state of marijuana legalization in the United States has shifted. To date,...

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Ongoing Marijuana Legalization Impacts Job Prospects Even for Non-Users

As supporters in states across the country celebrate the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana, employers f...

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Survey Shows That Majority of Employers Are Using Criminal Checks, Drug Screenings

Most employers are conducting criminal background checks on candidates, and most have implemented drug testing procedure...

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School Board Looks into Options for Bus Driver Drug Screenings

The Lowndes County School District Board of Education in Valdosta, Georgia plans to require regular drug screenings of b...

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Denver Hospital Failed to Uncover Technician’s History of Drug Addiction

A Denver area hospital—and the background check company the hospital trusted to vet a former surgical technician—is faci...

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