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Bifurcated Background Checks: Changes in the NYC Fair Chance Act

Recent changes to the NYC Fair Chance Act changed the way that employers conduct non-criminal screening procedures. Lear...

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New York City Expands Fair Chance Employment Ordinance

A new amendment to New York City’s Fair Chance Act significantly expands ban the box legislation. The changes will affec...

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The Fair Chance Act: What You Need to Know

Ban the box legislation isn’t new, but it has so far been limited to smaller geographical areas or governmental units. T...

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New York City Updates Fair Chance Act Regulations

On August 5, 2017, the New York City Commission on Human Rights released rules reflecting how they intend to enforce the...

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Ohio Passes Senate Bill 337

The bill applies to any individual subject to a "collateral sanction" (a penalty, disability, or disadvantage related to...

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